Amazon’s Android Tablet: Kindle Fire

Rumors that Amazon has been working on a new tablet have been circulating since months now. Techcrunch apparently even got hold of a prototype unit, and we just got to know that it may be unveiled by Jeff Bezos at an event on September 28.

I’m very optimistic about the Amazon tablet, and think that it may be the best alternative to the iPad. While most other Android tablet manufacturers suck compared to the iPad, the Amazon Kindle tablet appears to have the best chance at dethroning the iPad.

Today, some more details about the Amazon tablet were revealed by the guys at GDGT.

The Amazon tablet – Kindle Fire – will have a design similar to the Blackberry Playbook, because the hardware design and production was outsourced to the same manufacturer – Quanta. Because of the short time frame, Amazon didn’t do much of the hardware design in-house.

It will have a 7 inch display, and will run a derivative of Android. Apparently, it will be powered by a dual core OMAP chip from TI clocked at 1.2 GHz.

It may be priced at either $250, or $300 with Amazon Prime bundled. It will have a completely locked ecosystem, much like the iPad.

We will probably know more about Amazon’s Kindle Fire Android tablet in a day or two. We will be covering Amazon’s event tomorrow, so stay tuned.

PS: It’ll be interesting to see how Amazon’s Android tablet stacks up against the soon-to-be announced Nook Color 2 and $349 Android tablet by Barnes & Noble.

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