Amazon To Open Retail Store In Seattle

Amazon isn’t just disrupting the traditional publishing and distribution business; it is now sprinkling salt on the wounds.

A few months back, book distributor Borders started exiting, the company was liquidated. (The company’s website now redirects to Barnes & Noble’s). Amazon and their business model was seen as a major reason for Borders inevitable shut down. While one could argue that Borders failed to anticipate the competition, like Barnes & Noble, and did not adapt.

According to reports, Amazon is now planning to open retail stores. The first store will open in Seattle and Amazon will be selling exclusive titles. Like Apple’s iBooks and iAuthor platform, Amazon has a self-publishing platform. The Kindle Fire and Kindle Reader haveĀ givenĀ Amazon a powerful position in the publishing industry.

As TechCrunch points out, having a store, popular ebook reader, cross-platform ebook reading software lets Amazon disturb the agent, publisher, distributor model by becoming an all-in-one shop for authors and readers.

Barnes & Noble, on their part, said that they will not be carrying the Amazon exclusive titles; looks like B&N won’t be carrying the book on Miley Cyrus.

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