Amazon to Launch its Android Tablet on September 28?

Remember that rumored Android tablet that Amazon was working on? From the looks of it, it seems like it may be closer to launch than we previously thought. We estimated that the tablet would be launched in October or November, in time for the holiday shopping season. Apparently, Amazon is planning to launch it much sooner.

Amazon has been sending out invites for a press conference that it is holding on September 28. While it hasn’t announced what it could be, my guess is that it’s going to be its new Android tablet.

Amazon has the best chance of beating the iPad in terms of sales, by pricing its tablet at nearly half of what the iPad is priced at. Here’s why I think Amazon may beat the iPad: Why Amazon May Have the Best Chance at Dethroning the iPad

The Amazon Android tablet will apparently have a 7 inch touchscreen display and should come with a customized version of Android, integrated with Amazon’s various services. It should be priced under $300.

Stay tuned, we will be covering the announcement by Amazon on September 28.

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