Amazon Starts Live Streaming Events, YouTube Live Watch-out

Amazon is one of those companies that silently enters a market and then beats odds to command a significant market share and position. The company has become a formidable force in cloud computing with EC2 and AWS. The company’s infrastructure is being used by competitor Netflix to host content as Amazon offers multimedia streaming services.

The company also entered the tablet market with its Kindle Fire and is now considered to be the leading Android tablet OEM. Going forward it seems that Amazon plans to compete with YouTube Live by offering live streaming of select events. Earlier today there were lengthy stories about how Amazon is looking to strengthen its luxury clothing lineup and this push needs Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to travel to fashion events in New York City. It turns out, Amazon is live streaming an event and its a first.

For Kindle Fire owners this might turn out to be an very interesting development. The company offers books, consumer cloud (walk through coming up soon), movies, songs, and possibly soon live streaming of events directly on the tablet devices. This positions Amazon has a major player in the entertainment industry. If Amazon does in fact bring Live Streams directly to Kindle Fire, the tablet becomes a powerful content consumption device and surprisingly, Amazon is the one offering the content. While I continue to fantasize about what might happen, you can head over to to view the Met Gala Red Carpet live.

Met Gala is some fashion event that has something to do with museums.

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