Amazon sells more eBooks than Hard Cover Books

Amazon has recently reported that sales of its Kindle eBooks have topped that of hardcover books for the last three months. This ration stands at 143 eBooks for 100 hardcover books. Even more stunning is the fact that the average over the last four weeks stands at 180 eBooks for 100 hard cover books.

Though, there are a mere 630,000 eBooks on Amazon, which forms small fraction when compared to the millions of hardcover books. Amazon has been selling hard cover books for the last 15 years and came into the eBook business with its flagship eBook reader Kindle only three years ago. Now,  Kindle has become an absolute hit with eBook buffs and even Apple iPad with its vast capabilities and the Apple mojo could not endanger the Kindle.

However, the record sale of Kindle eBooks does not reflect the sale and popularity of Kindle devices completely. Kindle books can be read on the iPad itself and numerous mobile devices as well. The advantage with Kindle eBook reader is that, every Kindle sale means Amazon gets a dedicated user who will buy books sooner or later.

Amazon Kindle initially competed against the Barnes and Noble reader Nook and the Apple iPad. The Kindle has won this race and is going to stay for long.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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