Amazon Unveils The New Kindle PaperWhite

After Nokia’s event yesterday, it’s Amazon’s turn today to try to grab the limelight, and it seems to be succeeding so far. It has unveiled three new Kindles at its event so far.

The Kindle PaperWhite is Amazon’s newest Kindle. It comes with a back-lit PaperWhite display developed by Amazon, which enables users to read books without any external light source and doesn’t cause any strain on the eyes, which is why people prefer reading on Kindles.

The display has a higher resolution and offers 62% more pixels with a density of 212 ppi as well as higher contrast. Despite having a back-lit display, it can still offer around 8 weeks of battery life, which is pretty impressive.

It also comes with the standard list of Kindle features like instant book delivery, Whispersync, Free Amazon cloud storage for your content, access to a huge library of books on Amazon etc.

The Amazon PaperWhite has been priced at $119, and ships on October 1. Amazon also launched a 3G enabled version of the Kindle PaperTouch at $179.

Besides that, it refreshed its Kindle and dropped the price down to $69. This will be the entry-level Kindle targeting low budget users.

via The Verge

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