Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Coming in Early 2012

Amazon recently launched the Kindle Fire tablet, which is expected to capture the low end of the tablet market. It is priced extremely competitively, at just $199, and will begin shipping soon.

Apparently, Amazon is planning to go after the Apple iPad too, with a high end version of the Kindle Fire, which will be priced higher and will have a 10 inch display, just like the iPad 2.

According to a new report by Digitimes, Foxconn has landed the order from Amazon to manufacture the Kindle Fire 2. It will start production in Q1 2012. Foxconn also manufactures the Apple iPad 2 and some other tablets.

The Kindle Fire is made by Quanta Computer, which recently signed a patent licensing agreement with Microsoft.

We don’t have any specific details about the Kindle 2, except that it will be bigger, better and costlier. With the budget Kindle Fire and the premium Kindle Fire 2, Amazon will attempt to dethrone Apple as the king of tablets.

Rumors suggest that Apple may also be working on a cheaper version of the iPad — the iPad Mini — to capture the low end of the tablet market. Here’s why I think it may be true: Apple to Launch an iPad Mini to Fight Amazon’s Kindle Fire? It’s Quite Possible.

Amazon Kindle Fire

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