Amazon Launching Android App Store This Month, Best Buy Planning One for the Future

Android apps are channeled primarily through the market and while this has been beneficial for some, it has limited the choice of developers who want to reach out to the world. Recently, Google has changed things by including more countries in the supported list of app stores. This decision has been beneficial for many developers as they can expect more app installs now.

Seeing the profit in this business now, Amazon and Best Buy are planning to join the Android app store business by opening their own app stores. The advantage with these alternative app stores is that they will reach out to many other countries that are not supported by Google Market, allow other payment methods and thus, add some flexibility to the buyers end.

Best Buy CTO Robert Steph said,

We are exploring this concept at this very early stage, but we have no concrete plans at this time. Google, though, is an obvious partner.

While Amazon is seriously planning this move and  will announce the launch soon, Best Buy is yet to work on this plan but has the idea. Moreover, Best Buy is no expert on any related service. It is presumed that Best Buy is going to launch an Android tablet and this app store will be for the tablet specifically.

However, this will not be of benefit to PayPal lovers as PayPal is already going to announce a  partnership with Google this month. This competition for Markets will loosen Google’s hold on the Android market and increase competition, services and options. It is a welcome change we all would like to have.

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