Adobe Releases Adobe Reader X For Windows, Mac and Android with Sandbox on Windows

We have reported earlier of Adobe’s wishes to include sandboxing technologies to its Adobe Reader. The idea has seen fruition and now, Adobe has released Adobe Reader with sandbox.


Adobe Reader has always been hot on the list of exploited and vulnerable software. This sandbox can significantly reduce such security holes coming from Adobe Reader and we expect to see a relatively secure Adobe Reader from now on.

The new security is being called “Protected mode” by Adobe and it is supposed to block all attempts by infected PDF files to read/write data into the registry and execute any scripts. The read access will be limited in future versions of the sandbox. Though, the write access restriction is already in place.

The sandbox in place, however, is not completely secure and Adobe accepts this too. However, it will do away with some common exploits and it will take these hackers some more effort to get across this protection. In addition, Java has surfaced as the most attacked software over the last year and this takes a considerable amount of attacker-load off Adobe Reader for some time.

Adobe Reader X has been released for Windows, Mac and Android. A Linux version is yet to come and the sandbox is available and relevant only on Windows.

Get Adobe Reader here.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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