Adobe Takes Air to the Next Level, Launches Air 2.5 for the TV, Cellphone and Tablet Devices

Adobe clearly sees the profit and the rising trend in the app market currently and is rightfully investing in development of its Air platform. With that in mind, Adobe has taken Air to the next level with its Air 2.5, which releases for cellphones, tablet devices and even for the TV.

Adobe Air 2.5 has a host of new functionalities that can make it the next big thing. It has camera, accelerometer, multi-touch and hardware acceleration support but that is not all. It also has a new market called  InMarket that is described as:

Adobe InMarket is a distribution service that lets you bring your applications to market, reach consumers, and make money.

  • Adobe is working with several store partners to provide the widest distribution possible for your applications across devices.
  • You receive 70% of the sales revenue; Adobe and its partners take care of credit card processing, hosting, and marketing.

InMarket makes it easy to publish and manage your applications across stores through a centralized portal.

From what it sounds like, the InMarket services allows you to let Adobe handle promotion and publishing of your app and keeps 30% of the revenue generated as cost for this. As obvious by now, an SDK is also available for Air 2.5.

Samsung already has a TV in plan for release early next year that will sport the new Adobe Air 2.5. Until then, we can make do with speculation.


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