Adobe Will Change the Face of Photography with a New Technology

Adobe is out to change the very face of photography with a new technology that computes an image instead of simply displaying it. This new technology uses plenoptic lenses to capture a series of images over certain depth range. The result? You may have guessed by now that the images thus generated can be focused (not just zoomed) in and out after being captured.

The breakthrough was presented at a keynote speech at the Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference. The technology is more of a proof of concept that ready for mass production but hey, it works! This can also make it
possible for the camera to capture 3-D images.

The concept has been proven and what remains is creating software for the cameras to do this magic. There is no word on when that will happen though, the concept is already enthralling to photographers.

See the video at this YouTube page.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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