What is ACTA and How It Will Affect You

Together, these governments and organizations will take decisions behind closed doors and enforce them as part of this act. There is no indication of an open judgment. The proceedings of any decision will not be open and this creates a huge risk for net neutrality. We all know that net-neutrality is a key factor for a balanced economic growth and after recent events, political stability as well. In short, ACTA can be used as a weapon to decide the face of a developing economy or organization.

Only A few developed countries that too one-fifth of them, should not be allowed to decide for the entire world. This will kill innovation, which is key for the well being of our society.

What should you do?

By now, you must have decided whether to support or oppose ACTA. If you oppose ACTA, which you should, sign the petition mentioned on this page. A total of 646,680 concerned people have already signed it at the time of writing this post, and the number is on a constant rise.

The discussions at the European Parliament this summer, will decide the fate of this draconian bill. In the meanwhile,┬ádo not forget to read EFF’s take on ACTA.

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