What is ACTA and How It Will Affect You

How will it affect us?

ACTA is part of a global economic power play. Until now, developed countries have established businesses around selling IP to developing nations, who would in turn buy them. However, this trend was dying out as developing nations resisted and sometimes work progressed in spite of violation of intellectual property laws. This called for a global implementation of Intellectual Property and hence, ACTA.

Andy Oram writes at O’Reilly Media, saying:

I am totally in favor of rewarding inventors, including large established firms, for the time, effort, and expertise they have put into their inventions. But as always, in IP, rewards for past work must be balanced against the promotion of further development. And right now, the world is moving more and more to crowdsourcing. The best ideas will increasingly come from people around the world pooling their ideas–including people with few resources and no connections to major institutions. Those institutions had better learn this lesson before they succeed in choking off inventions that make a life-or-death difference to people in developing countries.

Why should you be worried?

A few big corporations and developed countries alone handle ACTA. It includes only one-fifth of the world governments.

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