Access Your Yahoo / AIM / MSN Chat Logs From Anywhere

The one annoying factor about using Desktop based messengers is that you are not able to access the chat logs from other computers. This definitely is a sore point as  you  may need to  refer back to the chat logs lots of times.

GTalk is the only desktop client that provides you with chat logs that you can access from anywhere.

The problem that I face with Yahoo Messenger is that I use it on multiple PCs and it is almost impossible to synchronize the chat logs between multiple computers. There is one thing I like about technology, someone or the other comes up with a solution to your problems.

simkl-logo Talking about solutions Simkl provides you with a service that will allow you to store your chat logs on a secure service access it from anywhere. So the next time you want to access a important chat but are using a different machine you can login to your Simkl account and view the chat logs online.

You do not have to install any additional softwares to save your chats online. All you need to have is a Simkl account and a Instant Messenger client.

How does Simkl Work?

Simkl uses secure servers which can store your chat logs, in order for you to be able to use their service you will have to change the proxy settings of your IM client to use the secure servers provided by Simkl. Keeping security in mind each accounts come with different settings and cannot be used for different messenger ids.

When you add an IM account to Simkl it will give you instructions on how you can setup your IM client to store your chat logs online.

change-yahoo-connection-preference       simkl-yahoo-proxy-settings

Once you have setup your IM client all your chat history will be stored online so that you can access it anytime. I took Simkl for a test drive and was amazed that I could see all my chat history online. In addition to storing chat logs they also backup your IM contacts and store it online. You can visit to view all your saved chat logs and contacts.

Simkl Features

  • Save IM conversations
  • Backup IM contacts
  • Access to your conversations from anywhere in the world
  • Work on multiple computers and have combined history
  • Easy access to viewer through

Simkl works with most of the popular clients except for Windows Live Messenger and AIM 6.0 – Aim 6.4, here is a list of Messengers Simkl works with;


  • AIM v5.9 and lower, AIM v 6.5 and later
  • ICQ 98,ICQ 99,ICQ 2000,ICQ 2001,ICQ 2002,ICQ 2003, ICQ5, ICQ6
  • MSN v4
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • QIP 2005, QIP Infium, QIP PDA (ICQ protocol)
  • Miranda IM (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo)
  • Pidgin, formerly GAIM (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo)
  • Trillian 2, Trillian 3, Trillian Astra (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo)
  • Adium (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo) – for Mac
  • Sim-IM (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo) – for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD
  • Jimm and IM+ for mobile devices (on port 3128)

Simkl is invitation only. Techie Buzz together with Simkl is providing you with a special invitation code that you can use to bypass the queue for getting an invite. To use this invitation code go to the register page and use the invitation code “TechieBuzz” without the quotes to instantly sign up for an account. Hurry there are only 100 invites up for grabs

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