A Tech Way Of Saying I Love You
By on March 29th, 2008

Well I could not just hold myself from posting this but this image actually says much more than it does and for everyone in love do take this as a way of knowing about the sacrifices people do to keep being with you.


Happy Loved Life From Techie Buzz.

Via: [IndianPad]

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  • http://www.softinquiry.com Dan

    Wow :) truly great. That’s what a geeky girlfriend would say :D

  • http://www.launchwire.org/ LaunchWire

    LOL….i love tech humor pics…Thanks keith..

  • http://mp3crown.com Magie

    I think that’s really a great way to express love :)…

  • http://www.femaleshopper.co.uk Bargain Shopping

    Ha Ha! Like it, but you’ve got to wonder about the people who make these things up…

  • http://jalaj.net/ Jalaj

    If the boyfriend it a techie too, he would reply:
    You were with me for the time equal to actual time plus what you gained by rotating minus time you spent rotating…. result value too low compared to what you could have actually spent with me…

  • http://www.mymoldova.info Moldova

    That is a techie love indeed.

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