8 Million Xbox Kinect Sold

The Steve Ballmer keynote at CES 2011 is underway right now, though it has not ended, here is some big news from Microsoft. Microsoft has sold over 8 million in the past two months, this after selling 1 million units in the first 10 days.

Xbox Kinect

This is definitely good news for Microsoft who were predicted to sell around 5 million units in 2010. Looks like gamers all around the world are really loving the Kinect and purchasing it in hordes.

Our staff writer Rajesh has his hands on the Kinect, and from what he tells me, he had a once in a life experience playing games with his dad on the Kinect. So Microsoft is definitely keeping it’s promise of bringing the family into the gaming scene.

Way to go Microsoft, you are getting quite a few things right starting with which was followed by and . Hopefully, Windows Phone 7 should take off too.

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