5 Reasons to BYOD to Work

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the new frontier for companies, who after outsourcing low-level and non-core business activities elsewhere, moved to outsourcing their office hardware to their employees. The productivity gains of mobile working using BYOD from any place, provides a practical solution to the more tech-savvy employees who put in more hours of work as a result.

Reason 1: Save costs

The costs borne by the employee are not limited to the device cost, but also extend to the cost of the data plan and voice services. These costs are substantial when the company takes care of it. However, given the growing number of unlimited data and voice calling plans, a more cost-friendly BYOD culture can be implemented. Using new innovations like virtualization, companies can extend their services to their employee’s smartphones as well. For example, DaaS (Desktop as a Service) provides an employee access to their desktop virtually on their personal hand-held device.

Reasons 2: No one minds

The best part of it for companies is that employees are not complaining. In fact, think about the times you reply to mails from your personal BlackBerry using your data plan. You don’t mind because of the convenience it brings you. Perhaps our digital addiction has an added advantage for the corporate here. In addition, wouldn’t you prefer using your ultra-amazing Mac over the IT-department issued laptop? A report by Good Technology State states that half of those surveyed for a BYOD paper match a recent Forrester report finding.

“More than half of US information workers pay for their smartphones and monthly plans, and three‐quarters pick the smartphone they want rather than accept IT’s choice.”

Reason 3: Better devices

The advantages are not limited to just costs. The employee’s device would also be more cutting edge as they would have invested considerable thought and research into their decision to buy that device. With the economic down turn looking to take more time to move into recovery mode,  the motivation for companies to start using BYOD has just begun.

Reason 4: Easy on-boarding

The employee will not have to spend time getting used to a new device and environment. The IT department is also spared time and expense carting equipment all over the work place. After the network connection and  credentials are provided, the employee should be ready to hit the ground running. In addition, companies have started using MDM (Mobile Device Management) to manage governance and privacy of data.

Reason 5: Era of Tablets and Smartphones

The era of tablets and smartphones has just begun. As they permeate into our personal lives stronger than ever, we can be certain that it is just a matter of time before they become fixtures at work as well. They might actually be the precipice of the BYOD culture going main stream.

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