An Analysis of 4chan Confessions

4chan, the most notorious imageboard on the Internet has opened up in a survey that reveals some cool statistics on the behaviors of the board members. You can see the reports here on Google Spreadsheets. Please note that some of the content on this spreadsheet might not be suitable for viewing at work.

More than 80% of those who took the survey as 4chan members were below 25 years of age. A sudden spike can be seen in the age bar above 60 years whereas people between 35 to 60 years of age are either comparatively inactive on 4chan or did not bother taking the survey. The 4chan crowd is mainly male dominated leaving only 1/6th of the space for others.

Coming to sexual preference, nearly 75% of the 4chan crowd is straight and surprisingly, there are very few Asians in the 4chan crowd. Nearly 75% of the crowd claims to be white with the Asian population at a mere 5%.

The period from 2006 to 2009 has seen a rapid increase in users whereas very few users have joined 4chan in the year 2010 in spite of it being in news regularly. Some users who are taking the survey are also trying to game the system because there are votes from the future in 2011!

Time on site varies between 1-3 hours at large and otherwise, there are fewer visitors who stay on 4chan for longer hours at a stretch. As seen with any other imageboard, there are more people who like to look around than those willing to submit content. The new crowd at 4chan is definitely not welcome and existing users are hostile towards them. A large part of these users is from the US and are either in high-school or college.

However, unlike conventional belief, most of these people do not do drugs, do not have any criminal charges against them and do not have a low self-esteem. Oh, and they might occasionally hate snow too but that is a totally different issue.

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