4Chan Takes Down RIAA, MPAA In A Pre-Meditated Attack

4Chan the notorious board who go beyond anime images have brought down the piracy watchdogs of the music and media industry in a pre-meditated DDoS attack, which might definitely be a big blot on these two powerful agencies.

RIAA 4Chan

Piracy is hard to tackle, but the music industry has RIAA and MPAA who track torrents and other downloads by placing "moles" in the downloads that are then used to track illegal downloaders and then sue the hell out of them.

However, in an about turn the members of the notorious 4Chan board have struck at both the MPAA and RIAA, systematically taking down both of their websites through a DDoS attack started out by Anon of infamous 4Chan /b/ group.

The RIAA attack which was pre-meditated and openly published was even more devastating for the agency since they already had prior info on the attack and couldn’t do anything about it. Currently the RIAA websites are too slow to open and sometimes even fail to load.

So is the 4Chan group really targeting RIAA and MPAA for them coming after illegal users, or is this a show off of the powerful Internet democracy where everyone has a right to speak what they want to?

No statement yet from RIAA or MPAA, but it might not be a surprise if they decide to sue millions of Anon users for the DDoS attacks Winking smile. This is probably the 4th high profile attack by 4Chan, with Gawker Media and Verizon being their other recent victims.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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