Verizon Wireless Blocks 4Chan On Their Network

4Chan is one the most popular anime and manga image posting and discussion board on the Internet. A few months ago AT&T had blocked traffic to 4Chan, however, they did restore it later. Now, Verizon Wireless has supposedly blocked traffic to on their network.

According to a recent update on the 4Chan status blog, which was posted last night, 4Chan has confirmed that Verizon is blocking traffic to the popular site.

After an hour and a half on the phone, we’ve received confirmation from Verizon’s Network Repair Bureau (NRB) that we are "explicitly blocked."

If you’ve been affected by the block, please call Verizon NRB at (866) 298-5373 to file a complaint.

Verizon Response on 4Chan Block

Verizon came up with an official post and tweet, saying that they have not blocked 4Chan site and they had only isolated a IP which propagated an attack on their network and belong to the 4Chan network.

Recently, Verizon Wireless security and external experts detected attacks from an IP address associated with the 4Chan family of web sites that was disruptive to our customers and our network. To protect both, we eliminated connectivity to the IP address. At no time was 4Chan itself blocked. Ongoing network security team monitoring has now determined there is no longer an immediate threat. Connectivity to those sites is being restored later today.

Last time around AT&T had to face a huge backlash from 4Chan members, and it looks like it is going to be Verizon’s turn. Are you a Verizon Wireless customer? Are you able to access the 4Chan network now?

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