’3 Idiots’ Movie to Be Available On YouTube: Google Gets Into Pay-Per-Download Business

‘3 Idiots’ Movie to Be Available On YouTube: Google Gets Into Pay-Per-Download Business

In a move that will surprise many, the producer of the Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’ has announced that, the movie will be legally available on YouTube within 12 weeks of its release.


Vidhu Vinod Chopra – the producer of the movie, hopes this will help in countering piracy. “I’m providing this facility for those who can’t see it on big screen and watch pirated movies. I just want them to discourage pirated prints. They just need to wait for 12 weeks and after that they can legally download the movie and watch it,” said Chopra.

Viewers will also be able to download the entire film from YouTube for a certain fee. Although the amount hasn’t been disclosed yet, this is probably the first time where YouTube would be legally allowing video downloads. ‘3 Idiots’ will signal Google’s entry into the pay-per-download business.

Indian film-makers have been trying various avenues in a bid to tackle rampant piracy. Earlier this year, movies like ‘Kaminey’ and What’s Your Raashee’ premiered on DTH (direct to home) services, within a month of their theatrical releases. In a sense, Vidhu Vinod Chopra isn’t doing anything radical. But, with a low broadband penetration it will be interesting to see how profitable this experiment will turn out to be.

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  • Just watched the paid preview of this movie… Simply awesome. I will definitely download this movie legally from YouTube. Waiting for next 12 weeks :)

    • Wow, Omkar. what is the url which you watched?

      Can you share here

    • I heard of this previously but not confirmed about launching date.
      It's an another way to earn money for film producers.

  • I will surely download and watch this movie again :D
    .-= Simran´s last blog ..How to Get Approved for Google Adsense =-.

  • The movie rocks! It defeated Avatar's collections in India

  • This movie is really good. I want to see this movie again an d I am doing what I like…..just Blogging :)

  • Would it be worth it to pay for a youtube video download, after all the quality can't be like a DVD on youtube & if it is then one can imagine the file sizes. I'm not very excited about this.

    • Quite true. With the broadband speeds available in India, most people wouldn't be able to stream the movie.

      As far as download is concerned, YouTube normally stores multiple copies of the file. So, it is possible that you would be able to chose how large a file you want to download.
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  • Hmmm, I think that we're going to see much more of this pay per download business, but am unsure of how successful this particular effort is going to be with the low penetration of broadband in India. Here in South Africa we suffer from both low penetration and really slow download speeds, with data being very expensive compared to other places in the world, so I don't think it will be very successful this side, yet.

  • This movie really rocks. But i think watching this from youtube is some negative for people who have slow internet connection.

    I love this movie. I watched really 3 times, but i want to see again in youtube. Waiting for 3 weeks.

  • <blockquote cite="I’m providing this facility for those who can’t see it on big screen and watch pirated movies.">
    People who actually download pirated movies due to their inability to watch it on the big screen are NRIs ("Desi" sites).
    <blockquote cite="But, with a low broadband penetration it will be interesting to see how profitable this experiment will turn out to be.">
    People outside India have awesome broadband speed. So, I think this will turn out to be a success. Looking forward to it….

    • Your quote thing is not working I suppose.

  • sajid

    this is also good movie to in the cienima , if someone wants to see same as their home the result would be different , it is my opinion, sajid, pakistan

  • it is a fantastic movie i have ever seen in my life

    • amir

      this is very nice flim amir khan can do anything

  • Now, its more than 12 weeks, so whats the status? Is this movie released on YouTube?

  • In response to a comment on Aamir Khan’s Blog, Aamir wrote that:

    Dhobi Ghat you will be pleased to know we have locked the final cut and the post production is in progress.

  • how can i download 3 idiots can somone help me plzzzzzzz………

  • "They just need to wait for 12 weeks"
    I still don't see it on YouTube.

    Are they planning not to release it or they just postponed it by another 12 weeks :-P

    • Can't wait to see this movie! i must look on youtube for this!

  • he he three ediot s is very nice film

  • kanishka

    itis fantastic i wanna download it
    but m not getin any options 4 it
    plzz help :(

  • chetanya kalra

    awesome movie..

  • just watched thiis movie in cinema. this's the best movie I've ever seen !

  • shamit

    News Report fail! Hasn't come out on youtube yet

  • gavin

    lovely movie

  • gavin

    best movie ever seen

  • Sunil

    Amazing ….
    Gr8 …
    I think dis is d right way to stop piracy…
    VVC (producer )

    • Rohan kumar

      I m good fan of aamir khan he make creative thing in movie i respect of him movie

  • rathin

    hi aamir

  • I didn't know about this till now. It's great to see them go this route and I hope more follow. Even though broadband penetration is low, moves like this can help increase the demand for more broadband services.

  • I wish lots of Indian movies to be available on YouTube.

    And HD clarity videos will not be suitable for all the Internet Users out there.