Head Turners of 2010 in the Tech Industry Based On Stock Performance

The best performing company of 2010 according to me was Facebook. Undoubtedly, with its quarterly growth crossing the annual growth of many, Facebook also registered itself as the third largest Internet company as well as the third most visited website. Groupon trebled its value with a failed deal and in the mobile market; Nokia lost its position and stronghold. Twitter kept on growing like always.

However, those reports were based on how uses were accessing those websites. Another factor in the business growth of a company is share prices. The Atlantic has published a chart comparing stock performance of companies. According to the report, Chinese search giant Baidu’s share performance crosses that of the next four in the chart namely Apple, Amazon, Oracle and Sony combined. Surprisingly, Yahoo stocks did better than Google too and Microsoft and Adobe stocks were on a loss. Netflix, another growing business did not feature in the comparison.

Share prices are not the only marker for performance of a company. Therefore, these reports cannot be considered to be deciding factors for estimating performances of these companies. Though, they can definitely provide us with some insight on the growth of these companies.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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