Twitter Counting Down Towards 10 Billion Tweets

Looks like 2010 is the year of milestones. I have been writing about several software and services crossing one milestone or the other, but this time it is again who will cross 10 billion tweets in the next day or so.


Right now the number of tweets is very close to the 1 billion mark, and according to the Twitter tweet counter, GigaTweet, the 10 billion tweet mark will be breached in the next day or so. This is double whammy for Twitter, as they had recently announced that there were about 50 million tweets per day on Twitter.

10 billion tweets is definitely a great feat to achieve. The iTunes Store was another service to achieve 10 billion song downloads recently. So, it looks like we are finally out of the recession and now talking about only billions and not millions these days.

Nevertheless, I have been on Twitter for since 2007 and it has evolved a lot under my eyes. I do believe that Twitter does deserve this feat, however, they also have to work a lot towards ensuring that Twitter trends do not get spammed and that we do not receive unwanted DM Spam in the future.

Let’s hope that the person who tweets the 10 billionth tweet gets something good from Twitter. Will it be you or me? Let’s wait for that for a day shall we :-)

[via Bit Rebels]

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