1 Million Calls Made Through Gmail In Past 24 Hours

It is barely 24 hours since Google announced the Gmail Phone Call service through Google Voice and it has already made a record of sorts with over 1 million calls being placed in the past 24 hours.

Gmail 1 Million Calls

The volume of calls was tweeted through the official @google account on . The volume of calls though surprising might have been because Google is allowing free phone calls to US and Canada for US users, with users from other countries also being able to call US for free.

There is no indication by Google as to how many phone calls were paid, however, it would be interesting to know those numbers as it would show whether users are only using this service because it is free or whether they are actually using it to call other countries too.

Nevertheless, 1 million phone calls in 24 hours definitely looks like a success for Google and it would be interesting to see how much of a market share they can capture from other players like Skype. One thing is definite, once Google has this service integrated for mobile phones through Google Voice the volume of calls will be much larger.

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