Automatically Repeat Videos In YouTube

YouTube videos are programmed to play only once by default but what if you wanted to repeat a video over and over again in YouTube? Loopy for YouTube is a handy Greasemonkey script which will allow you to repeat YouTube videos over and over again automatically.

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Orkut is a social networking site which is not very popular in US, but back home in India it is quite popular and has a huge following. Incidentally my first brush with Social Networking started with Orkut and not the popular MySpace. Since Orkut is a Google product there are quite a few closely knit [...]

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YouTube Videos Get Interactive

Reading through my daily does of Internet News I came across a really interesting feature added to YouTube. The feature allows users to make their videos more interactive with users allowing the people watching to participate in the actual video. The new features allows users to; To add background information about the video Create stories [...]

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