Twitter Strikes a Deal with Yandex for Real-time Search

The popular micro-blogging site Twitter has partnered with Russia’s biggest search engine company, Yandex, in a move that will help boost the site’s real-time search and eventually help it compete with rivals, including Google and Bing search.

The partnership gives Yandex access to Twitter’s public tweets, and enables real-time searching at, giving its users access to the huge amount of data streaming off the messaging service. However, this deal does not include any of the private tweets, which the user has specifically chosen to “protect” them from being accessed by search engines and other Twitter users.

This will enable Yandex users to see the latest tweets on any subject, by using Yandex’s specific ‘Blogs’ search engine. The results will also include tweets of those users tweeting from Russia, Ukraine, Belarusian or Kazakh, as well as top feeds in other languages.

Anton Pavlov, Yandex’s blog Search Manager, said that it will also allow the Russian based company “to improve the quality of the search,” and users will be able to find tweets “just moments after they have appeared.”

Twitter Yandex Deal

Both companies have declined to disclose the financial details of the deal, however, a similar partnership between Twitter and Microsoft was closed at $30 million.

Twitter currently has more than 100 million active users, nearly 400 million visitors per month, and more than 250 million tweets are posted every day. The total valuation of Twitter is estimated to be $8 billion, although the company has not yet established a proper revenue generating model.

On the other hand, Yandex has about 60 percent market share in Russia, and this deal will perhaps open several doors for the company to come up with new strategies to do more in social networking. The company currently offers features similar to that of Google to share news and other information.

Yandex also mentioned in a press release that the company is currently focused on social networking search and trying to enhance its features. Anton Pavlov adds, “People share news, exchange opinions and discuss all sorts of matters in real time all the time. This kind of information will help us enhance our search results.”

Yandex also states that it has updated its Blog Search API, a tool for webmasters for creating services based on micro-blogging content.