Scott Thompson, Ex-Yahoo CEO, Appointed CEO of ShopRunner

Yahoo has been in a state of flux for more than a year, with a number of major reshuffles at the top management levels. After Carol Bartz was booted out for failing to turn around Yahoo, Scott Thompson handled the reins at the ailing Internet giant.

However, even he was shown the door rather quickly after it was discovered that he had fudged some details on his resume, falsely stating that he had a computer science degree instead of an accounting one. Soon after that Ross Levinsohn took over as interim CEO, and last week, Marissa Mayer finally took over as CEO and Yahoo seems to hopefully be on the road to recovery.

Anyway, despite his not having a computer science degree, Scott Thompson had some stellar experience as President of PayPal, and helped grow the global business significantly.

Today, it was revealed that he has been appointed the CEO of ShopRunner.

The official statement says:

“ShopRunner, the leading shopping network of merchants joined together to deliver powerful multi-channel shopping services for consumers, today announced that it has named Internet and payments executive Scott Thompson its Chief Executive Officer. Scott joins ShopRunner at a time when the company is enjoying a fast growth trajectory and represents the ideal time to bring on a new leader to further accelerate the company’s expansion. Current CEO and co-founder Mike Golden will continue with the company as its president.”

Apparently, he was already on the Board of Directors of ShopRunner.

He also has an updated bio, which skirts clear of any mention of his Yahoo! debacle or his college degree.

“Most recently, Scott Thompson was CEO of Yahoo!. His career includes leadership positions in the Internet and payment industries including serving as the President of PayPal with overall responsibility for growing the global payment brand. Under his leadership, Thompson turned PayPal into a massive force, growing its user base from 50 million to 104 million active users across 190 countries and having over 8 million merchant partners in its network. Thompson also held positions as PayPal’s senior vice president and chief technology officer, overseeing information technology, product development, and PayPal’s architecture. Prior to PayPal, Mr. Thompson held executive positions with Inovant, a subsidiary of Visa, Barclays Global Investors and Coopers and Lybrand.”

ShopRunner combines a network of retailers to deliver better shopping services and faster shipping to paying customers. It offers free two day shipping across the network of retailers, as well as easier returns.

Press Release

Marissa Mayer To Earn $1 Million Annually with Potential Stock Options of Up To $60 Million

CEO of Yahoo – Marissa Mayer

After being appointed as new CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is a happy lady. She is not only going to enjoy leading one of the premier media giants in the world today but her bank balance will be in round numbers. Yahoo has announced that Mayer will be earning $1 million annually which works out at $83,333.33 a month. While it seems a mouthwatering salary, it just reflects one side of the spectrum.

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Should Mayer be able to lead the company for five years, this package would spike drastically and could make her a fortune of $60 million. It will all depend on whether Mayer meets the set targets or not. During 2012, Mayer could participate in an incentive plan that see her monthly earnings rise by at least 200%. In case Mayer meets all targets set for 2012, she would witness her monthly earnings rise by a maximum of 400%. This could increment her earnings by $2 million to $4million more per annum.

Mayer will also be entitled to stock options worth $12 million subjected to the approval of the compensation committee. Through 2014, there will be $14 million in restricted stock units which includes $4 million in 2012, $7 million in 2013, and $3 million in 2014. This plan is to compensate Mayer for what she gave up at Google. In addition to this, there will be a $30 million retention equity award in restricted stock units (RSUs) and stock options through 2017.

All of this should be a great motivation for Mayer to step foot into her new position. However, given that Yahoo has been struggling and has observed 5 CEOs in five years, Mayer’s role will be continuously challenged.

Just for the note, Mayer’s first pay date will be July 25, 2012.

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Yahoo Has Another Lackluster Quarter; Flat Earnings in Q2

Yahoo’s troubles just don’t seem to ever end. Following a very public shitstorm which led to the ouster of its former CEO Scott Thompson after he misstated his academic credentials, almost everyone had given up hope. However, it managed to bring Marissa Mayer on board as its CEO yesterday, which has renewed interest in the dying internet giant.

Today, it reported its earnings for Q2 2012, which have been pretty lackluster, as expected. It reported gross revenues of $1.2 billion, which was actually 1% down year-on-year. Its operating income actually dropped 71% to just $55 million due to restructuring costs and deal expenses related to the offloading of part of its stake in Alibaba.

While no one expected Yahoo to post very impressive earnings growth, the reported numbers just confirm Yahoo’s decline over the years.

Hopefully, Marissa Mayer will be able to turn Yahoo around, by focusing more on its flagship products which still attract a large number of users despite being much worse compared to the competition.

Yahoo also did some actual work last quarter, instead of just hiring and firing CEOs. It settled with Facebook and entered a new ad partnership with it. It also sold off about half of its stake in Alibaba for $7.1 billion. It launched new products like the Axis browser and Genome, an online ad solution. It also partnered with CNBC and Spotify to get additional news and media content on its platform.

It still depends on search and display advertising for its revenues, both of which grew a couple of percentage points this quarter.

via Yahoo – SEC

Dear Marissa Mayer, the Flickr Community Has a Request for You

Update: Flickr responds to its users in a similar fashion. Here’s what you will find at


Flickr #dearinternet

Flickr Response


In a surprising move, Yahoo appointed Marissa Mayer as the next President and CEO of the company, who was previously working for Google for the past 13 years and supervised many of well-known Google products.

Yahoo has had a rough history and has been looking for the right leader since the last four years. The company has great expectations from the newly appointed CEO and hopes to regain its lost reputation under her administration.

One of Yahoo’s popular tools is the photo sharing site — Flickr. Flickr was created by Ludicorp in 2004, and was acquired by Yahoo in 2005. Back then, Yahoo and Google were competing for the top position in the search engine market, and were offering new services to its users. In 2011, Yahoo reported that Flickr had over 51 million registered users with 80 million unique visitors, and was hosting nearly 6 billion photos from users across the globe. Flickr was once upon a time the most happening and happiest site ever.

With a high demand for photo sharing networks, new photo sharing services started to emerge out, offering better and advanced features than Flickr. While Yahoo was going under a lot of complications, it failed to focus on Flickr and didn’t seem to have any plans to improve the photo sharing site in any way. Competitors took this as their advantage, and Flickr lost several active users to them.

Marissa Mayer - Yahoo CEO

Competitors like Tumblr, 500px, Facebook, Instagram, and several others picked up eventually, and today, what we of see Flickr is more like a barren land. Though many have switched to other service to share photos, Flickr still has one of the strongest communities out there. It is one of the best sources to learn photography and the various skills required in it. However, Yahoo hasn’t given a shit about Flickr’s community.

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In a post by Gizmodo’s Mat Honan, the main reason why Yahoo acquired Flickr was not because of the strong community it had, or to increase social connections, but it was simply to generate revenue. This is where Yahoo made a big mistake and took Flickr for granted. And today, there result you see is the same as what many analysts expected to happen.

Yahoo has been neglecting Flickr for several years now, despite that, Flickr’s highly talented developers are trying hard to set things right and get Flickr back on track.

Today, the entire Internet is hoping for great changes from the new CEO, Marissa Mayer. A community has created a request website called highlighting a simple, yet important message on the site — “Dear Marissa Mayer, please make Flickr awesome again ♥ the internet #dearmarissamayer

Dear Marissa Mayer, please make Flickr awesome again

Flickr was one of the best photo sharing site with a vibrant user base. Indeed, it was one of the happiest sites until new photo sharing sites evolved. It will be interesting to see how Marissa is going to change things around her. I hope she considers Flickr as one the most important assets of Yahoo, and bring back the awesomeness of sharing photos on Flickr. Yes, there are hundreds and thousands of users who are eagerly waiting to get back to Flickr. I hope Marissa is listening.

Google’s Loss is Yahoo’s Gain. Will Marissa Mayer Make Yahoo Reputable Again?

Shock. Stunned. Amazed. Surprised. This is how users on the Web have been reacting to the news of Marissa Mayer being appointed as the new CEO of Yahoo. And the reason to be surprised is due to the fact that Marissa Mayer was previously working for Google for nearly 13 years, since she first joined the search engine giant (as employee number 20) in 1999.

Kudos to Yahoo, and indeed this is a great move for the company, which has been desperately hunting for the right leader in the last few years with having switched over to three not-so-good CEOs in less than a year and a total of five in the last four years. Yahoo has terrifically failed to shine in the industry, as its competitors grew stronger with innovative services, while Yahoo was left behind with barely anything to offer.

During the era of Carol Bartz, Yahoo’s worst nightmare, the company lost some of the popular services like Yahoo Buzz, Delicious, and Yahoo Geocities, which were either shut down, or were sold away. Yahoo not only lost most of its services during that time, but also it was this point of time where it lost many users to its competitors.

Marissa Mayer - Yahoo CEO

Yahoo has had a rough history. Today, Mayer takes over the CEO’s post, and I’m sure she has that potential to do great things for Yahoo, using her experience from her previous company and having the quality of a perfectionist executive. Sure Marissa is a challenging person who has always strived to take up challenging tasks, however, with Yahoo’s huge drawbacks and poor history, will she be successful enough to rightfully make Yahoo reputable again? Well, I see a very thin chance of that happening.

Marissa at Google

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer Self Proclaims As Pregnant

Marissa Mayer Self Proclaims Pregnant

Yahoo is a hot topic since yesterday. Marissa Mayer was announced CEO, a piece of news which spread like wildfire and gave birth to plenty of debate regarding the decision. Amidst all this, Mayer did not take long to steal the headlines. She has announced that she is pregnant and will give birth to a boy in three months time. After speaking with CNN Fortune, Mayer provides a date on which the delivery is due – October 7, 2012.

Marissa has been married to Zachary Bogue for 7 years who has a judicial background. Bogue is not much of a law practitioner. Instead, he has invested in something called “big data startups” with his latest investment being in an investment fund called Data Collective. Regarding the fetus, Mayer states “he is super active and moves around a lot”.

Engineer by profession, being the 20th person to be hired by Google in 1999 and only 37 years old, Marissa has had a fantastic career. She was responsible for overseeing Google Maps, Google Earth and Zagat. Fortune CNN further states that Yahoo was wary of Mayer’s pregnancy prior to her appointment. It was back in June that a meeting was held between Mayer and Michael Wolf, a member of the Yahoo board. Yahoo did not show any concern about her pregnancy and her capacity to perform her duties.

Happy days for Yahoo as they appoint a genius mind such as Mayer. Even happier days for Mayer after being appointed as CEO at Yahoo and going public with her pregnancy to ensure she remains in the spotlight. Certainly a meaningful enrichment to Mayer’s and Bogue’s personal lives.

Google’s Cream, Marissa Mayer, Appointed as Yahoo’s New CEO

Marissa Mayer, the first female person and the 20th employee to be hired by Google in 1999, parted ways with Google, deciding to take up a new and challenging task by stepping in as the Chief Executive Officer of the troubled company, Yahoo. This is Yahoo’s third CEO in less than a year, and the fifth in the last four years.

The long-time Google executive, Marissa Mayer, will start her new role at Yahoo as she confirmed her appointment by tweeting along with a link to Yahoo’s Press Release.

Marissa Mayer Confirms Appointment

Mayer says: “I am honored and delighted to lead Yahoo!, one of the internet’s premier destinations for more than 700 million users.  I look forward to working with the Company’s dedicated employees to bring innovative products, content, and personalized experiences to users and advertisers all around the world.”

Yahoo has been struggling ever since Google and its other competitors have picked up significantly by releasing new and innovative services, while the troubled company was shutting down many of its services. With that, Yahoo has also failed to find a leader for the company in the
Marissa Mayerrecent past, with hiring over several CEOs, including Carol Bartz — who was a nightmare to the company, followed by Scott Thomson — best known for résumé fraud, and the current interim Ross Levisohn.

At Google, Mayer was in charge for services like Local Maps and Location Services at Google, along with supervising products which included Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View and Zagat for desktop and mobile. She comes with great experience from Google, and having been worked for the search engine giant for nearly 13 years, Yahoo is looking forward to shine in the industry and recover from its demoralized financial growth.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO and current chairman, said, “Yahoo has made a good choice and I am personally very excited to see another woman become CEO of a technology company.

Interestingly, Google closed at $571.98 per share with a loss of -0.79 percent, while Yahoo saw a +1.14 percent change and closed at $15.92 a share.

Yahoo Voice Hacked; 450000 Account Data Stolen

Reports are coming in that hackers have managed to hack into a Yahoo service and steal sensitive data of more than 453000 of its customers. According to a security firm, Trustedsec, who first reported the incident, the service that was compromised was Yahoo Voice.

The affected website was only named as a subdomain of however digging through and searching for the hostname, the attacker forgot to remove the hostname “” (credit to Mubix for the hostname find). Looking through a variety of sources, it appears that the compromised server was likely “Yahoo! Voice” which was formally known as Associated Content (credit to Adam Caudill for the linkage).

The hackers have posted the database containing the email ids and passwords as a proof. According to the dump, the hackers used a method called union based SQL injection to hack the database. It is a method, where one enter codes to improperly protected text boxes which treat them as commands.

The most scary part, according to TrustedSec, is that the passwords were stored as plain text without any kind of encryption. If this was indeed the case, it would have been a highly irresponsible action on Yahoo’s part.

The hackers posted the following statement along with the dump,

We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this subdomain will take this as a wake-up call, and not as a threat. There have been many security holes exploited in webservers belonging to Yahoo! Inc. that have caused far greater damage than our disclosure. Please do not take them lightly. The subdomain and vulnerable parameters have not been posted to avoid further damage.

If you are a Yahoo Voice customer, I recommend you change your password immediately and if you are using the same passwords for any other service (which is a bad practice), it is better to change that as well.

Yahoo Makes It Easier to Find Photos in Yahoo Mail with Photos App

In the last one year, I have neither sent any emails to a Yahoo recipient, nor I can hardly remember anybody who still uses Yahoo. I honestly dont know if my Yahoo account is still functioning, or has been already deleted due to inactivity. Anyways, for those who are still using Yahoo, the company has introduced a new feature called the Photos app for its browser based email site, Yahoo Mail.

In a blog post, Yahoo announced the addition of Photos app that is designed to locate all your photos in your Yahoo Mail at one single place. The app automatically sorts out and displays all the photos that were sent and received from the beginning to date. The arrangement of photos can be customized and can be sorted by date, sender, or file size.

All these photos will be available in one centralized box, from which you can instantly share them with your friends, or even have them exported to Flickr.

Yahoo Mail Director of Product Management, Miriam Geller writes –

Yahoo! Mail makes it super simple to find and share those treasures with our new Photos app. The Photos app aggregates all of the photos in your inbox that you ve ever sent or received during the entire life of your email account. You can see thumbnails of all the photos and filter by date, sender, folder and size.

If you are not a Flickr user, Yahoo provides you an option to create an account on Flickr instantly (Really? Is that how you plan to get back Flickr users? Sigh!) Additionally, if you are an avid Flick user, you can see your entire Flickr photostream right into your Yahoo! Mail.

Here is a video explaining the new Photo app:

Yahoo Mail Photos App

The key features of the built-in Photos app in Yahoo Mail are:

  • Kiss goodbye to searching – Find all your photos in one place.
  • Send and share with your friends easily and instantly. Email your photos with one click or upload them to Flickr
  • Sort and organize your photos easily – Sort photos and attachments by sender, date, size or file type
  • Locate the associated email containing the photo (attachments), including the person who originally sent it.

Yahoo Includes Certificate Private Key Inside Chrome Extension for Axis

Earlier today, Yahoo released their new browser extension for and and browser for and after news leaked about it. However, it looks like that they did it in a hurry and made a huge blunder while releasing their .

Yahoo Axis Certificate Private Key

As spotted by @nikcub,  Yahoo has included their private key with the Chrome extension. This private certificate will allow other users to sign their applications as Yahoo. I was able to confirm that the file was available inside the extension.

Nik further demonstrates the vulnerability of the leaked mistakenly included private certificate key in a detailed blog post which you can read here. While the extension would not be a problem currently , it would allow other scammers or phishers to pass off rogue extensions as those created by Yahoo or just re-upload the original extension with something rogue.

As a user, you should remove the current extension till Yahoo fixes this problem. To get rid of this problem, Yahoo would need to create a new certificate and sign their extension again and Google would probably have to negate the old certificate while installing extensions.

This is not the first time that such a blunder has happened when news has leaked hours before a release, but this is definitely a very big problem on Yahoo’s part.