Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Now Available, Introduces Social Gaming and Networking

Yahoo has released a new beta of their popular desktop IM chat software, Yahoo Messenger 11. The new version of Yahoo messenger allows you to play games with friends including several popular ones from Zynga.

Yahoo Messenger 11 Games

Yahoo Messenger 11 beta is now available for downloads and it includes social gaming. Yahoo had become more serious about the social gaming phenomenon when they partnered with Zynga to bring the popular game Farmville to the Yahoo network. Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta will include games such as Fishville and Mafia Wars from Zynga; Balloono, Pool and Draw My Thing from OMGPOP; and Happy Harvest and Happy Manor from Elex.

Yahoo Messenger Social Gaming

In addition to social gaming, Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta will also allow you to manage all your social networks from one place, including and Facebook. Users can download the beta version of Yahoo Messenger 11 from here.

Yahoo! Mail and Messenger for Android Updated

Close on the heels of a major revamp of the webmail interface, Yahoo has updated its email and instant messaging apps for Android. “We’ve been pleased with the success of both Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger on the Android platform, but of course we never stop looking for ways to make the apps even better,” wrote Lee Parry, the Product Manager of Yahoo! Mail.


The major new features are:

Multiple-account support: Over the years, many of you have probably accumulated multiple Yahoo accounts for different purposes. Now, you can seamlessly manage all of them from the Yahoo! Mail app.

Contact sync: As the name suggests, you will now be able to sync your yahoo mail contacts with your phone.

Photo preview: The update makes Yahoo! Mail capable of displaying quick previews of images received as attachments.

Video Calling: The Yahoo messenger app now supports video calling along with photo and video sharing. However, you will need Android 2.2 along with Yahoo! Messenger Video Add-on to take advantage of the video calling feature.

[ Download Yahoo! Mail for Android | Download Yahoo! Messenger for Android ]

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 (

The team has released a new update to YM 10 (v10.0.0.1241) with bug fixes and other stability updates.

Yahoo Messenger 10

The major change in Yahoo Messenger 10 enhances the stability and performance of the new video call feature, it also improves the video calling features on PCs which run .

Other than the above changes no other change log is available right now. If you have never used Yahoo Messenger 10, you can visit our earlier review of YM 10.

If you are looking to download the direct/standalone installer of Yahoo Messenger 10, visit this link (.exe file download will begin). If you prefer to use the web installer you can download YM 10 from here.

Yahoo Messenger 10 Released

After a fairly prolonged beta period, Yahoo released the final version of Yahoo Messenger 10 earlier today. The final build includes several bug fixes and Windows 7 compatibility. You can find our review of Yahoo Messenger 10 here. The main highlights of this release are:


  • High-quality video calls
    The webcam feature has been completely redesigned. It now supports high quality video call with synced audio from the IM window itself.
  • New Y! Updatesview of your contact list
    Yahoo Messenger 10 introduces an alternate view of your contact list, which allows you to quickly catch up with your friend’s latest activities. The Y!Updates mode displays a real-time stream of their updates including status message changes. If your contacts have chosen to share their social activity with Yahoo, you will be able to keep track of what your contacts are saying on Twitter, reading on Yahoo! Buzz or listening on
  • Find more to chat about
    If you want to chat with your friend about their updates, you can do so through a hover menu which allows you to IM a friend about their updates. When you do this, the update also appears inline in the conversation window, so that your friend will be aware of the context.
  • Change your language easily
    Yahoo Messenger 10 introduces a Language menu (visible in the sign-in screen), which allows you to instantly chose any of the 16 available languages. You can also change your language from Messenger –> Preferences –> Language.

The official Yahoo Messenger 10 download link will offer you the web-installer. If you have a poor internet connection or simply prefer to download the full installer, you can do so from Softpedia.

Run Multiple Yahoo Messengers On Your PC

Quite sometime back, we had told you about a registry hack that allowed you to run multiple instances of on your PC.


If you are not comfortable with editing your registry, a simple called Messenger Multi Login will allow you to perform the hack by clicking a button.

Once you apply the hack you will be able to run multiple Yahoo Messenger instances on the same PC and login using separate IDs.


Pretty useful if you make use of separate ids for work and your personal use. Of course you might achieve the same by using a multi-protocol IM clients like .

Yahoo Messenger multi login is a and does not require any installation.

Download Yahoo Messenger Multi Login

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta Officially Available for Downloads

A few months back we had told you about a leaked version Yahoo Messenger 10 and reviewed it for you, however if you were afraid of downloading the version of here is some good news.


The messenger team have officially released the Yahoo Messenger 10 beta for downloads.

The Yahoo Messenger 10 beta has several exciting features available for including;

  • High-quality video calls
  • New Y! Updatesview of your contact list
  • Change your language easily
  • New ways to sort your contacts
  • New icons in the IM window

If you want to learn more about the other features in YM 10 don’t forget to read the YM 10 review we did earlier.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta

Introducing Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta [Official YM Blog]

Apple Again Being Its Notorious Self

The world seems to be aware of unfair policy by Apple’s app store in approving or rejecting the apps submitted to it. Just two weeks back, Apple blocked Google Voice and then had controversial email conversation between FCC and Apple.


This time around, Apple is yet again up with its notorious self and delaying the process for approving apps? Sarah Bacon, Product Manager updated  Yahoo! messenger Blog saying its been more than two weeks that Yahoo! team has submitted the latest version of Yahoo! messenger app to Apple’s app store.

What’s taking them(Apple app store) so long?

[via Yahoo!messenger blog]

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder

By default the archives stored by is encoded, which means that you will not be able to read your archive when you are offline, this is typically done to protect users conversations from others.

However there are times when you may want to view and search your messenger archive, but may not have access to a active internet connection.

In such cases a tool called Messenger Archive Decoder can come in handy, this utility will decode all the archive files and view them without having to use Yahoo Messenger.


This tool will also allow you to export your messenger chat archives as txt or rich text files.

We tested this out and it works as advertised, we were able to decode the Yahoo Messenger chat archive with this tool.

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder is a , you can drop it on a portable drive and use it anywhere.

Download Yahoo Messenger Chat Archive Decoder

How To Disable, Block and Remove Ads In Yahoo Messenger?

is a free IM  client, however it shows some ads at the bottom of the messenger window, some of the ads are Ok, however there are certain ads like Find singlesetc, which users would rather not prefer to see.

If you are a Yahoo Messenger user who want to remove ads from the IM window, here are few options which will help you do it.

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Yahoo Messenger Hits 1 Million Downloads On iPhone

More than a month ago we had covered the launch of Yahoo Messenger application for iPhone, it is a free application that allowed users to communicate with their friends for iPhone users.


The Yahoo Messenger blog announced today, that they have already hit the 1 million mark for downloads of their application on iPhone, this is terribly exciting considering that it has hardly been 60 days since they launched and the application has already been downloaded more than 1 million times.

If you have not yet downloaded Yahoo Messenger on your iPhone, here is the direct link to download Yahoo Messenger for iPhone.

Do share your experiences with the YM app on the iPhone with us.