Yahoo! Mail and Dropbox Join Hands to Solve the File Transfer Problem

The Internet is decades old, and has become an intangible force in our lives. However, it has failed to address a problem from decades ago — file transfer. Emails can be used to transfer files, but there is a size limit of 25 MB. There are file-hosting services, but they are unreliable and have speed limits and annoying popups. Currently, Dropbox is the best way to transfer files, but setting it up for the first time is a cumbersome process. There could not have been a better way to ridicule this situation than this xkcd.


So, how would you like the first and the last options from the above xkcd combined into one? That is exactly what Yahoo! Mail is planning to do. The Dropbox blog announces this partnership with simple reasoning,

Email attachments can be tricky: they’ve got file size limits, you can’t keep them updated, and when you add people to a thread, attachments are the first to get left behind.

The Yahoo! Mail-Dropbox integration will let Yahoo! Mail users add attachments to their mails directly from Dropbox and also save their mail attachments to Dropbox. The feature will be available globally for all Yahoo! mail users.

Yahoo! is getting serious about the one thing in which it still has a dedicated user base. Yahoo! Mail is the number #1 email service in the US, and this partnership will give Yahoo! Mail a competitive edge. While on one hand Dropbox will make more monetary benefits out of this integration, this is more of an aesthetic win for Yahoo! Mail.

How To Display/Enable Preview Pane in Yahoo Mail Beta

Back in April 2011, we had posted an article about the new features in Yahoo Mail Beta. Though Yahoo Mail has improved a lot, it has also added a little bit of annoyance by making the preview pane hard to find.

On the said post, several users have been discussing how to show the preview pane in Yahoo Mail beta, but it looks like most of the information available might not be helpful.

I recently wanted to enable this feature in my own account and found going around circles with no preview pane in sight. Turns out that the Options -> Mail Options -> General -> Show all messages in a scrolling list (with Preview Pane option) does not change anything.

However, I found another trick which can be used to display the preview pane in Yahoo Mail Beta. The trick is really silly but not many people will be aware of it.

Enable Preview Pane in Yahoo Mail Beta

In order to enable the preview pane in Yahoo Mail, go to your Inbox and click on the "Switch view" button next to the "Actions" button. From the available option select "In Scrolling List (With Preview)" option. Yahoo Mail will say that it needs to refresh the page to change the settings. Click on Ok and you should now see the preview pane below the email messages.

I have tested this change in multiple browsers including , and Internet Explorer 9. Unfortunately, the new version of Yahoo Mail Beta does not support . If you aren’t able to see the preview button in Yahoo Mail, you might want to try going to options and changing the settings.

If the above solution does not work for you, you can try logging in to Yahoo Mail using another browser and making the changes. The change is sticky, so it will then reflect across all browsers.

Yahoo Mail Adds Themes Support, Multiple Attachment Uploads and Calendar and Notepad

Remember Yahoo Mail? Yes, the same Yahoo! Mail which was one of the best email service at a point of time? Well, Yahoo Mail is basically revamping their whole UI to add support for themes and also bringing back the Calendar and Notes feature to the main interface.

Yahoo Mail Themes

Yahoo! Mail has introduced a host of new themes, which users can use to customize the look and feel of the email interface. Right now, Yahoo provides users with a choice of 12 themes. In addition to adding support for themes, Yahoo has also brought back the Calendar and Notepad and integrated it with the email interface. Yahoo Mail users can also upload multiple attachments at once by using the Ctrl, Shift or Command key to select files you want to upload.

If you are a socially savvy person, you can now catch up on all your social networking updates from sites like and in a new tab specifically created for social network updates.

One thing I did not like about the new Yahoo Mail Beta is that they have made it hard to find the Options and Themes features. They have clubbed everything under a menu item called Help, which is totally misleading. Unless a user clicks on the Help link he will not be able to find Options etc.

All these new features are available as part of Yahoo Mail! beta, you will be shown an option to try out the new beta. If you don’t see it, just head over to to try it out.

More at the Official Yahoo Mail Blog.

Yahoo! Mail and Messenger for Android Updated

Close on the heels of a major revamp of the webmail interface, Yahoo has updated its email and instant messaging apps for Android. “We’ve been pleased with the success of both Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger on the Android platform, but of course we never stop looking for ways to make the apps even better,” wrote Lee Parry, the Product Manager of Yahoo! Mail.


The major new features are:

Multiple-account support: Over the years, many of you have probably accumulated multiple Yahoo accounts for different purposes. Now, you can seamlessly manage all of them from the Yahoo! Mail app.

Contact sync: As the name suggests, you will now be able to sync your yahoo mail contacts with your phone.

Photo preview: The update makes Yahoo! Mail capable of displaying quick previews of images received as attachments.

Video Calling: The Yahoo messenger app now supports video calling along with photo and video sharing. However, you will need Android 2.2 along with Yahoo! Messenger Video Add-on to take advantage of the video calling feature.

[ Download Yahoo! Mail for Android | Download Yahoo! Messenger for Android ]

Yahoo Mail Gets a Facelift, Promises to Be Faster and More Social

After pretty much remaining stagnant and watching Gmail steal its thunder (repeatedly), Yahoo has finally updated its email service. The first significant update to Yahoo Mail in five years, promises to deliver a “faster, safer and more social email experience”.

I tried checking it out with my old Yahoo Mail account, which I solely use for signing up to newsletters that I am never going to read, and was immediately told that my browser (Opera 11) is not good enough for the latest and the greatest from Yahoo’s stables. Anyways, after I switched to Chrome, I was greeted by an interface that had way too much purple for my comfort, but will probably appeal to girls.


As far as features are concerned, the biggest addition is the integration of Twitter and Facebook into the “What’s New” page. You can track what your contacts are doing on Facebook and Twitter, retweet their messages, or even update your status directly from Yahoo Mail. YouTube, Flickr and Picasa have also been smartly integrated so that you can watch videos and slideshows from your friends and family members without leaving Yahoo Mail.


The user interface is essentially the same tabbed experience we have grown used to over the past five years, with some improvements here and there. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing though. Yahoo is also promising to offer a similar look and feel on the iPhone, iPad or an Android device.


If you are a Yahoo Mail user, you can opt-in for the beta from here.

How To Remove Applications From Yahoo Mail

Quite sometime back we told you on Yahoo Mail adding application support to their platform, there were several applications one could choose from and use. However, recently one of our readers commented that one of the applications they added made things slower for them and they wanted to remove it.

So here is how you can remove an application that you added to your Yahoo Mail account, it is a two step process and very easy to accomplish.

Yahoo Mail Applications Header

Step 1: Login to Yahoo mail and Click on the "Applications header link" in the sidebar, as shown in the image above.


Step 2: Clicking on this link will open the Application Gallery in the main window, just browse to the application you want to remove and click on the "Remove" button or link in the right hand side.

That’s it, with the above steps you can remove any application you had earlier added to Yahoo Mail.

Facebook News Feed Now Available In Yahoo Mail

The Yahoo team has been integrating with for sometime now, with the availability of Facebook contacts in Yahoo and more. To take the integration a step further, the Yahoo Mail team announced the integration of Facebook feed in Yahoo Mail.

Facebook Feed in Yahoo Mail

Facebook Feed will be available as part of your contact updates and can be viewed whenever you login to your Yahoo Mail account. Facebook activity from your friends will now appear in your Updates section, alongside your friends’ activity on Yahoo!, Twitter, Flickr and so on.

In addition to being able to view Facebook updates, users will also be able to comment or like a news feed item without having to leave Yahoo Mail, those comments will also be reflected on Facebook.

To view Facebook Feed in your Yahoo Mail account, you will need to link your Facebook account to Yahoo, instructions for the same can be found on this page. For more information and details visit the Yahoo Mail Blog.

Send 100MB Attachments With Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has been constantly improving over the past few months with the addition of several applications that make your life easier while connecting with people, sorting your emails and more.

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But a constant problem with online email has been that they do not allow users to attach files which are larger than 10 or 20 MB, which makes sharing pictures and videos that much more harder, of course you could always use online file sharing services to share larger files.


Mail has worked towards resolving the problem of sharing large files up-to 100MB by tying up with

Using the new Attach Large Filesfeature you can attach multiple files as long as they are 100MB or less, the recipient of the email can download individual attachments or choose to download them all at once.

Definitely useful and reliable. Considering that is still stuck with 20MB, Yahoo mail could definitely be a good alternative to share large files.


Attach up to 100MB or rich media files to your emails [Yahoo Mail Blog]

Yahoo Mail Adds Applications Support

Yahoo Mail has been adding a lot of features these days, after all it has to compete with which has really revolutionized the way we look at emails. Not to be left behind, Yahoo has launched applications support in Yahoo mail.

We had covered the beta launch of Yahoo Mail Applications, however Yahoo has now made those applications are free and available to general US population, with plans to roll the features out to other countries soon.

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Add Stationery To Email Sent Using Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has been coming up with several new features of late, and though we are more inclined towards Gmail’s features, we also love to cover new features in Yahoo Mail.


The one new feature I saw in my Yahoo Mail account, was the ability to add stationery to the emails I send out.

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