Canadian Gamer Alerts Police and prevents a High School Shooting

A resident of Port Alberni, British Columbia, alerted the authorities after chatting with a high-school student on Xbox Live, who inadvertently told the man that he was going to kill some people in his school in Texas. Within a few hours, the student was apprehended and a possible high-school shooting was prevented.


While playing a game online, the resident of Port Alberni started voice-chatting with a stranger. Through the course of their conversation, the stranger told him about all the problems he faced in his school his failing grades, students he did not like and confessed that he would be killing the students and the ways he would go ahead with that. When the resident of Port Alberni questioned him, he did not respond. Concerned, the man called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who quickly contacted Microsoft Law Enforcement Security, and obtained the identification of the high-school student (who was from San Antonio, Texas) and sent over the information to the Texas police who investigated and arrested the teenager.


Port Alberni Staff Sgt. Lee Omilusk said This incident demonstrates the power of the electronic world and how different enforcement agencies can quickly work together to protect the citizens they serve, regardless of obstacles such as international barriersand also added that in this case no harm was done because of the concerned efforts of a civilian.

So the next time you hear some crazy stuff being said over an internet game (CS, anyone?), you better inform the authorities!

Windows Mobile Phone 7 Series Demo


Now that I have come down to soberness after Steve Ballmer announced the Windows Phone 7 Series at the Mobile World Congress 2010, Check out this video to get a first-hand look of the latest Windows Phone that brings   people, photos, music, and video into an unrivaled mobile experience.

Windows Phone 7 Series devices will be touch screen and are integrated with Xbox live, Zune music and video  and more. In detail post to follow.

Xbox Arcade Game Room – Specifications & Prices

Among the several announcements regarding the Xbox platform made during Microsoft’s CES 2010 keynote, a feature called Game Room was introduced. Game Room is a new option available on Xbox Live & Games for Windows Live that enables you to play old arcade classics on your Windows PC or the Xbox 360. Following are the prices & in-game specifications for Game Room:

Game Room content will be available in the Xbox Live Games Marketplace for Xbox 360 users & in the Games for Windows Live desktop client for Windows users.

Pricing Details:

Once you have the Game Room client free download you can obtain the games in exchange for Microsoft Points:

  • 400 Microsoft Points: buy once and play on both   platforms – Xbox 360 and a Windows PC.
  • 240 Microsoft Points: buy to play on anyone platform either the Xbox 360 or a Windows PC.
  • 40 Microsoft Points: play a single game only once.

$1 = 80 Microsoft Points or $0.01 = 1 Microsoft Point. Points can be purchased from the Xbox or Zune Marketplace.  Microsoft also gives you the option to visit a friend’s Game Room, try out the games your friend is playing for free and then buy them if you wish to.

Gaming specifications:

  • One or two players
  • HDTV 1080p
  • In-game Dolby Digital
  • Voice chat
  • Avatar support
  • Online multiplayer (for Xbox LIVE Gold members only)
  • Cross-platform leader boards
  • Cross-platform Achievements

Xbox 360 At CES 2010 – Project Natal Coming Holiday 2010

Back in June 2009, Microsoft took the whole technology world by a storm with a flawless & unexpected demo of Project Natal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, what was not known was the availability & price. Today at CES 2010, Microsoft’s Robbie Bach confirmed that Xbox Natal will be available starting, 2010 holiday season (end of 2010). While there was no demo or any announcement of games exclusively for Natal, there were quite a few interesting announcements regarding games for the Xbox 360. A new genre of games called Psychological Action Thrillers was mentioned with a demo of Alan Wake. Following games will be exclusively available first on the Xbox 360 platform:

  • Mass Effect 2
  • Splinter Cell Conviction
  • Content packs for Modern Warfare 2

Robbie Bach showed a Halo Reach video and announced that the multiplayer beta will begin in Spring 2010 on Xbox Live. A new segment on Xbox Live called Game Room will be introduced, Game Room will feature classic arcade games that can be bought and played on the Xbox or Windows PC. Talking of Xbox Live, some interesting numbers regarding Xbox Live that were mentioned:

  • 20 million active users on Xbox Live.
  • 2.2 million concurrent members online during Christmas and New Year.
  • Around 10 million people have used non-gaming applications like Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM & Zune.
  • 100 million songs have been downloaded.
  • 4000 songs were downloaded during the hour and a half long keynote.

Regarding Xbox 360, an estimated 39 million plus consoles and more than 500 million games have been sold so far. Microsoft is serious about the Xbox platform and the numbers are staggering. Microsoft will not be introducing a new console any time soon and Xbox 360 is now a mature gaming platform perfect time to buy it, I say. As Robbie Bach puts it:

When I said 2010 was going to be a big year for Xbox 360, I was lying. 2010 is going to be the biggest year of Xbox history.

Xbox 360 Arcade Console, COD:MW2 and 12-month Xbox Live Gold Subscription for $249 [Gadget Deals]


Looks like it is going to be a sweet holiday. Walmart has a awesome deal where you can buy a bundle containing Xbox 360 console, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Hardened Edition and a 12-month Gold subscription for Xbox Live for only $249.

The deal is for the Xbox 360 Arcade console, however, you can also choose the Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB console and get 2 bonus games for an additional $100.

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