Steve Jobs WWDC 2010 Keynote Video – Wi-Fi Issue

Earlier today during the Steve Jobs keynote at , there was a hilarious moment where when demonstrating the device, Steve Jobs had some problem while loading NYT on the 4.

However, instead of getting angry or panicking, Steve Jobs instead asked the attendees to switch off their Wi-Fi devices so that he could access the internet.

If you were not at the event, here is a video of Steve Jobs WWDC 2010 Keynote when the Wi-Fi issue happened on the iPhone 4. Video after the jump.

WWDC 2010: Steve Jobs Keynote Highlights

So missed the Steve Jobs keynote at the WWDC 2010? Here are the main highlights of the Steve Jobs keynote.

iPhone 4

First and foremost, Jobs announced the new iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 is definitely the smartphone to beat right now. The Retina Display, the stainless steel body, surely make the iPhone 4 a must have device. Here are the specifications and features of the iPhone 4, if you missed it earlier.

iBooks For The iPhone With New Features

The iBook application has now been released for the iPhone as well. Along with this, many new features have been added to the application as well. The application now has the ability to view and read PDF files. If a user purchases and downloads a book from the iBookstore, he can download the same book again on his other iBooks compatible iDevices for free.

Netflix, Guitar Hero And Farmville Applications For The iDevices

The long awaited Netflix application has been officially announced for the iPhone. The application uses adaptive video playback, and features seamless switching between Wi-Fi and 3G networks. The application will be launched sometime in summer, this year for free.


Zynga also announced the Farmville application for the iPhone. The application features push notifications. The application has not been made in flash though. Sadly, the Farmville application was not announced for the iPad. Activision also released Guitar Hero for the iPhone and the iPad. The game is available effective immediately at the App Store for $2.99.

iMovies For The iPhone

The new iPhone 4G is capable of recording HD (720p) videos at 30fps. Thanks to the A4 chip inside, the phone is capable of editing these videos on the fly as well. To take editing videos on your phone to the next level, Apple has made iMovies specifically for the iPhone. The demo of the application sure looked impressive with super-smooth animations. iMovies is definitely the best video editing application ever available for a mobile platform. The application is available at the App Store for $4.99.

iOS 4


Apple has renamed the iPhone OS4 to iOS4 now. The new iOS4 has more than 100 new features, and contains more than 1500 developer APIs. The iOS4 features a unified inbox, multitasking, Folders, enhanced camera application etcetera. The Golden master candidate of the iOS4 will be given to the developers today, and the final version will be out soon.


Steve Jobs also gave a demo of the iAd platform at the WWDC today. He said that he expects iAd to capture 48% of the mobile ad market in the U.S in terms of ad dollars. The iAd platform is targeted at developers for making money. The iAd platform already has support from some big companies like Nissan, AT&T, GE, Disney, Sears etcetera.

Image Source: Gdgt

iPhone 4 Price, Pre-orders and Availability Revealed

Steve Jobs just announced the pricing and availability of the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 will sell for $199 for the 16GB version and 32GB for $299. 4 will be available for pre-orders starting June 15th and will go on sale on 24th June.


AT&T subscribers whose contract expires in 2010 will be eligible for an upgrade to iPhone 4 for $199 and $299 if they top up with another 2 years contract.

iPhone 4 will be available for pre-orders starting June 15th, with the device going on sale on June 24th. Initially iPhone 4 will ship in 5 countries including United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.

18 more countries will get the iPhone 4 in July 2010 including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Honk Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

By September 2010 Apple will ship the iPhone 4 device to 88 countries, making the iPhone 4 rollout the fastest one in history.

Apple will also be selling a doc called Colors for $29, this dock is created and sold by Apple.

iPhone 4 Will Have Video Calling With Front Facing Camera

4 was announced earlier today at the Apple event in San Francisco. The device is much better than the current iPhone 3GS and has several features which will make people want to own the device as soon as it comes out.

Facetime iPhone 4 Video Calling

One of the most interesting features in the new iPhone 4 is that it has a front facing camera and it will allow you to perform video calling through the device.

The new video calling feature is called FaceTime and will allow for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 calling, albeit only over Wi-Fi for now. There might be a possibility to use FaceTime over 3G, however, Steve Jobs said that it might not happen in 2010.

With FaceTime you can switch between the front and rear camera and video call in both portrait and landscape mode.

WWDC Live: iPhone OS 4 Renamed to iOS 4, Brings Many Useful Features

Just a moment ago, we reported the new iPhone 4, and now the iOS 4. The first main feature is none other than multi-tasking. Steve Jobs said, “People said you weren’t the first, but we figured it out. If you don’t do it right, you kill the battery.” So, I hope the multi-tasking in iOS 4 will not be a battery hover.

Steve Jobs demonstrated multi-tasking on the iOS 4 himself, he was listening to music plus reading mails plus browsing. The threaded view is also available in mails. Folder creation is also added to iOS 4. You can keep apps of similar category under one folder, like all sports apps under Sport.

The iBooks now, is available for iPhone via iOS 4. The same as in iPad. It will also be available in iPod Touch. Synchronizing the books on your different Apple devices is also possible, like you can synchronize the books on your iPad with your iPhone and vice versa for free. Steve Jobs also introduced iAds, which will help the Apple developers earn money.

Apple Will Sell 100 Millionth iOS Device This Month

is underway with the Steve Jobs keynote, there have been several interesting announcements in the event, including the introduction of iPhone 4 and renaming of the iPhone OS to iOS.

Apple iOS 100 million devices

iOS4 will be released shortly, however, Steve Jobs pointed out an interesting fact that this month Apple will sell their 100 Millionth iOS device, yes folks that is 100 million , iPod Touch and in the market.

Interestingly, Apple has also said that they have already paid out over $1 billion to developers for their apps, with more and more iOS devices in the market, Apple is definitely one of the most lucrative platforms to publish for.

WWDC Live: Next Gen iPhone is Official; It is iPhone 4

Steve Jobs just announced the next gen iPhone, the name is iPhone 4. How many of you guessed that? Steve Jobs said that this new design of the iPhone 4, is the first ever in the world. The phone does looks gorgeous.

The feature on which he is laying stress the most is on the display. Steve Jobs calls it Retina Display. The brief description of this Retina Display theory is that, the display pixels per inch has been increased to 326 per inch. This is one new feature out of the 100 in iPhone 4, as said by Steve Jobs. The iPhone 4 has glass on the front and back and steel around the sides.

The iPhone 4 is 24% slimmer than iPhone 3GS. It also has volume rocker buttons, and a button to mute. A camera with a LED flash is also present. Thank you Steve for this. The screen resolution is 960 x 640, that is huge wooah! The contrast ratio is 800:1 and it is 4 times better than iPhone 3GS. The screen also has the IPS technology which is better than OLED. The screen size is 3.5″. It has dual microphones.
More detailed info will be published soon.

Image Source Engadget

Leaked: Apple’s New Product, A Trackpad Leaked Before WWDC

The WWDC event will start within a moment, and an Apple product gets leaked already. This product is supposed to be a trackpad with multi-touch capabilities. This trackpad can be connected to other computers, wirelessly. The picture was spotted by Engadget and it looks convincing. The device has Apple logo on it and it is supposed to connect using Bluetooth to other computers.

The prediction could be wrong but whatever it is will be cleared soon. The excitement has already begun, stay tuned to our live blog for updates.

(Source) Image from Engadget

Live Updates From WWDC 2010 Keynotes and Events

Alright folks we are all set to start the big day in the next 30 minutes or so. will start out with a Steve Jobs Keynote and continue with other events throughout the day.

WWDC 2010

We will be covering the WWDC 2010 Keynotes live through our new live blogging site

Join us at the above site to get live updates and scoop about the WWDC 2010 event. There are no live streams available right now, but you can always check back on the WWDC 2010 live stream page for updates on streams.

Have fun and hope to see you at the WWDC 2010 live coverage at Techie Buzz.

Watch WWDC 2010 Live Online, WWDC 2010 Audio Video Streams

Watch the Apple WWDC 2010 Event Online along with the WWDC 2010 Keynotes Online.

All right folks, the biggest day in the Apple world is about to be kicked off today at and there is no doubt that there will be lot of frenzy around the event which will be attended by over 5000 developers from across the world.


WWDC is usually a big event for Apple and there are usually big announcement during the event. With Steve Jobs kicking off the first keynote of the event on June 7 at 11AM PT you can expect some really exciting announcements.

Our predictions for WWDC 2010 includes a next generation in the for of along with the release of iPhone OS 4.0 and updates to Max OS X. Rest aside, millions of people will tune into the event online, if you are looking to get live updates and audio and video streams for the WWDC 2010 event, you can check out the links below.

Mac Rumors has a live page for streaming the events which you can visit at Mac Rumors Live. You can also catch up the action live at Engadget Live in addition to live updates from Gdgt at Mac Observer also has a live blog where they will post updates on the event, you can visit it here. You can also follow the action live on by following @macrumorslive.

The event is yet to kick off, so we will add new videos and links as soon as they become available. If you have any live streams to share, share it with us using the comments form below.

Update: Live Streaming video is available at Ustream, click here for video updates of WWDC 2010.

Update: Audio stream for WWDC 2010 is available at