Game Collection Sold for 1 Million Euros on eBay

eBay is definitely a place where you can snag a good deal on anything and everything. In fact, people also list their countries on sale there (See: Greece for Sale on eBay, Iceland as well). However, looks like someone put their game collection on sale at eBay this time and it fetched a bomb of a price.

Biggest Game Collection Sale eBay

The sale listing, which went with the title “BIGGEST COLLECTION EVER? 22 SEGA / NINTENDO / PC ENGINE FULLSETS,FACTORY SEALED!”, managed to sell for 1 million Euros or approximately $1.23 million. All this for a set of 7000 games.

The buyer of the product is a proud owner of all the games ever released on the Nintendo home systems, Sega systems and NEC systems. The entire package consists of 22 sets consisting of game cartridges, GameCube sets and more. You’ll find descriptions of the products included here.

Million Euros/1.2 Million Dollar Games eBay

The game collection sale is not the most expensive item ever sold on eBay though, but would beat the $1.2 million Honus Wagner baseball card sold in 2000 yet not as expensive $140 million yacht sold in 2005  according to Yahoo. The buyer might also have to pony up some additional fees and a 1000 Euro shipping charge and can expect to see his booty in 6-9 business days.

While the games are definitely something worth keeping, but would you pay 1 million Euros for it? Is the person who bought it crazy or just a passionate collector of games? You let me know.

(h/t Reddit)

Greece For Sale on eBay

They say you can put anything for sale on eBay. However, this one takes the cake.

It is a well known fact that Greece is facing a huge financial crisis and has been the most problematic nation in the Eurozone. Greece has also received bailouts from other Eurozone countries, but it is still struggling to stay stable. So what now?

Greece For Sale on eBay

It looks like one Greece citizen has taken it up on himself to right the country by putting up Greece for sale on eBay. Yes, you heard it right, Greece or what sounds like it has been put up on sale on eBay. If you thought that was bizarre, the listing has already received 75 bids and the current bid stands at $77,877.77.

This is not the first time that someone has put their country on sale on eBay successfully. Back in 2008, a guy had managed to put Iceland for Sale on eBay too.

The listing has been placed under the Weird Stuff -> Slightly Unusual category (some humor there) with a description.

I’m offering my country for sale. What is left of it anyway. Slightly used, low wages, low pensions,  low expectations. Lots of sunshine though, free at the moment.

Many natural resources, minerals etc that are still untouched. Bureaucracy at its best. Great bribe-to-do system, over 20 years of experience.

Obedience at the IMF, bankers and the Troika is guaranteed, no questions asked.

The buyer will get for free 300 politicians, highly trained at the University of  Fine Arts of Scandals. And free Greek Bonds with extremely high international market value. For confetti.

I will provide the best possible certificate that you will ever imagine, maybe even a custom one that you’ll ask.

No hard feelings.

The seller also provides Free shipping. I am wondering how he is going to pull that off. BTW, back in Jan 2012 Apple became richer than Greece.

(h/t @gmanka)

Update: The listing has now been removed.

Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop 8 Times For Complaining On Facebook

In a bizarre incident a father decided to punish his daughter for posting rants about her family on . The father whose name is Tommy Jordan posted an 8 minute video on where he reads a letter from his 15 year old daughter and then pumps 8 bullets into her laptop.

The post was first posted on Facebook with a message "Facebook Parenting: For the trouble teen" and had the message:

My daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on her Facebook wall just how upset she was and how unfair her life here is; how we work her to…

In addition to that, Tommy Jordan also posted a message on  his profile which can be seen here and read below:

Parents and Kids… watch.
Today was probably the most disappointing day of my life as a father and I don’t know how to correct the situation. Since I can’t seem to make any headway with my daughter on Facebook, I chose instead to remedy the problem permanently.

The video in question has already gone viral and has amassed over 2 million views since it was posted. These days many kids take to Facebook for ranting against their family or school teachers. However, is such a punishment justified? Would you go ahead and punish your children likewise?

If you are interested in following the entire saga, you can catch up Tommy Jordan’s speech and him shooting his 15 year old girls laptop in the embedded video below.

So what do you think? Is the dad right or does he sound bizarre to you?

Taiwanese News Site Parodies TSA’s "Pat Down Full Body Scan Search"

This was inevitable. Technology in the United States took a new turn with TSA’s new airport "full body" scanners that err exposed 100s of passengers. What the heck, even Reddit was all over it.

The new "pat down my err junk" search was the ridicule of the internet with thousands of people deciding to boycott flying altogether. However, one news site, specifically a Taiwanese site which deals with creating funny animated news segments was all over it when they created a new video depicting the new "pat down" search in an animated form.

Well, pun and fun aside, watch the video below.

Warning: Not Safe For Work unless you have or plan to visit a nearby US airport in near future.

(Source: Boing Boing)

Microsoft Says Use Google Chrome for Problems with Hotmail

hotmail-logo Earlier today, it was reported that Microsoft has recommended some strange advice for users of the newly upgraded Hotmail (Windows Live Mail) service. Just last week, Microsoft finished rolling out a new user interface design to their 350 million users. Some have claimed that many of the new design features are due to the popularity of Google’s Gmail service.

According to MS, the new Hotmail UI (User Interface) is supported on the following web browsers:

• Internet Explorer 6.0+ on Windows
• Internet Explorer 6.x
• Internet Explorer 7.x
• Internet Explorer 8.x (Standards mode)
• Firefox 3.0+ on Windows and Macintosh
• Safari 4.0+ on Windows and Macintosh
• Chrome on Windows latest major version

Since the roll-out, the Hotmail forums have been alive with complaints about the new UI. This is the odd suggestion that’s been reported by The Register:

Some customers have indicated that if they use Google Chrome to view their Hotmail account they no longer encounter this problem

I guess I’d have to tag this post with WTF, because I can’t believe that anyone working for MS would ever have said that. I did a fairly extensive search of the forums and I was not able to find that advice. However, I did find dozens of posts that had been removedby the moderators. It’s possible they’ve removed that suggestion.

One thing for certain is that Microsoft should have followed the great example that Gmail introduced when they upgraded their own user interfaces. There has always been a link to take people back to an older UI, just in case they run into problems.

Microsoft still seems to be using it’s released products for beta testing and many Hotmail users are angry that they’ve been chosen as the guinea pigs. By the way, I just tried out the new Hotmail, and it worked fine for me … but I was using Google Chrome.

If you have your own tips on using Hotmail or it’s problems, be sure to comment below or email me.

Korean Man Commits Suicide After Posting A Twitter Suicide Note

It is really sad to see people taking their own lives, but making it public to the world through the social networking medium is even more sad.

Reports from Telegraph state that a South Korean man committed suicide after leaving a message that he would do so on Twitter. The message which was posted on in Korean read

I’m going to commit suicide. To all of you, even those who shared the slightest friendship with me, I love you,

Sadly, this is not the first time someone did this, and will most likely not be the last time. People are literally taking the meaning of social networking to WTF and that is very sad. On a lighter note, we have even seen people propose to their loved ones on Twitter too.

Editor’s Note: WTF News is a new section where we will post news which are well, WTF, these will be related to technology in general and not include random news.


Delhi Court Fines Microsoft for Harassing Prejudice Pirates

In the startling news of the day, a Delhi court has reportedly fined Microsoft for suing pirates who used their intellectual property without permission. The court case which was filed against 4 individuals in the Delhi High court took a turn of events when the judge found out that the case filed by Microsoft were against individuals who lived in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Mumbai.

The court was not amused with Microsoft as the defendants would have had to travel from all across India to Delhi and spend money in the process to defend themselves.

When the constitution of India provides equality before law, this equality has to be all pervasive and cannot be allowed to be diluted because of money power or lobbying power,Judge Dhingra commented on the case.

Microsoft was ordered to pay a fine of $4000 for each defendant as the Judge ruled that piracy claims were unfounded.

On the strength of its money power it [Microsoft] has the added advantage of choosing a court of its own liking which is so far away from the defendant that it becomes problematic and a harassment for the defendant to contest the suit itself,the Delhi High Court ruling read.

Was it fit justice, or did Microsoft just think that they could get away with harassing people? Money buys power, and the $16000 Microsoft will lose is no big deal to them, however, this would definitely have taught them a big lesson.

However, there is no doubt that piracy is one of the biggest cause of revenue loss for software companies, specifically in Asian countries, hopefully this does not set a precedent for software pirates to keep exploiting software and selling it at the software companies cost.

[via Torrent Freak]