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HTC T8788 Features A Slide-Out Speaker!

Over the past couple of weeks, pictures of many of the upcoming WP7 handsets from HTC, Samsung and LG have leaked on the Internet. Today, the HTC T8788 joins the party. The HTC T8788 will feature the brand newHTC T8788 WP7 mobile OS from Microsoft, and will be sold in the US under the AT&T network. The HTC T8788 will be a slide sliding device. However, sliding open the phone won’t reveal the usual QWERTY keyboard; instead it will reveal a speaker! Yes, a speaker! The back of the phone also has a kickstand.

This means that the HTC A8788 will be a multimedia oriented phone. The HTC 8788, which will get a better name soon, will hopefully be launched by the end of this year. As of now, there is no information about the price, availability and the internal specifications of the device.


LG E900: Another Windows Phone 7 Device Leaked

A series of smartphones powered by Windows Phone 7 have leaked out in the past month. It started with the HTC Schubert and the Samsung Cetus i917. After that, details of the LG C900, a QWERTY WP7 device also leaked out two days back.

Today, a video of yet another Windows Phone 7 device by LG — the LG E900 has surfaced on Youtube.

LG E900

It is similar to the LG C900, sans the physical keyboard. It is much slimmer than the C900 and unlike the Cetus or the C900, doesn’t sport the Search and Back buttons.

Check out the video (it’s quite blurry) on Youtube

via Engadget

New Samsung Windows Phone 7 Device Caught in the Wild

After the HTC Schubert running Windows Phone 7 was leaked last week, an unnamed Samsung phone has surfaced on Twitter today. The leaked image shows it running Windows Phone 7.

Samsung WP7
It has sharp edges and what looks like a 3.5 – 3.7 inch touchscreen display. It doesn’t seem to be the Samsung Cetus which was leaked earlier in the month.

No details of the phone are out yet, but it is being handed to developers, probably for testing. The glossy black design looks quite good; there are three keys below the display: Back, Menu and Search.

Here’s another image of the same phone by Ales Rosina

We will keep adding details as they come. Keep checking the blog.

Source: Andrej Tozon

HTC Mozart Running WP7 Leaked

Vertex214 over at Xda-Developers has managed to get his hand on a small brochure from the Australian carrier Telstra. The brochure shows the upcoming HTC Mozart which will be running on WP7. The device is expected toclip_image002 hit the stores sometime in the month of October. According to the brochure, the device will be sold for $49.

From the picture, it is clearly visible that the HTC Mozart is a Desire mock-up. It might be possible that the Mozart resembles the HTC Desire. The device is expected to hit T-Mobile USA as well. The “critical aim” of the device is to sell in large quantities.

Perhaps, this phone will help WP7 gain some market against the iOS4, and Android. As of now, no information about the phone’s hardware is available.

LG GW910 WP7 Based Phone Specifications Leaked

The LG GW910 in all probability will be the first WP7 based phone from LG’s stable. LG stillclip_image001 has not spoken anything about the phone, except for its name (or was it leaked as well?). Well, the guys at WMExperts managed to get hold of the specifications of the LG GW910. The specifications of the LG GW910 are :

* 3.5-inch AMLOED Capacitive touch screen with WVGA resolution

* 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor

* QWERTY Keyboard

* 5 MP camera with 720p video recording

The phone is also equipped with standardfeatures like Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm jack. Sadly, no information about the ROM and RAM of the phone are available. The specifications of the phone is nothing but standard. Snapdragon processor is quite a common sight in the higher-end phone market nowadays. The phone is expected to launch sometime in Q4, 2010.

It will be interesting to see the WP7 based phones, which will be launched by HTC. HTC has always set a benchmark in this race of which-phone-has-WOW-specs.


HTC Mondrian To Run On a 1.3Ghz Snapdragon Processor?

The folks over at xda-developers have been ripping apart a leaked ROM of an upcoming Windows Phone 7 device the HTC Mondrian. What the guys found from the leaked ROM is pretty interesting. In the leaked WP7 ROM, the Qualcomm QSD8650A or B processor is listed, which is basically a Snapdragon processor running at a whooping 1.3 GHz. It was not long ago that mobile CPUs reached the speed of 1 GHz, and now 1.3 GHz!  clip_image001

According to the information available from the ROM, the Mondrian will support both 3G and HSDPA, along with EV-DO. The screen of the HTC Mondrian will measure 4.3inch with a resolution of WVGA (480×800). The device will also have a Qualcomm Wi-Fi adapter, along with an FM radio and a digital compass.

The picture on the right was extracted from the oemavatar.cabfile in the ROM. We are not sure whether it is the picture of the HTC Mondrian itself or a generic WP7 based phone. Hopefully, we will find this out soon enough.


Skype Says No To Windows Phone 7 For Now

Skype Asia-Pacific VP Dan Neary at an event in Sydney said that they will not be releasing a client for Windows Phone 7.

Skype had pulled off their Windows Mobile client sometime stating that according to them the user experience wasn’t as they would want. Back then everyone thought that this was being done since Windows Mobile is a dying platform and Skype will be focusing on Windows Phone 7. Apparently, not.

No specific reasons were given by Dan Neary but according to WMPowerUser, there are two possible reasons for this move:

  • Doubts on Windows Phone 7’s success
  • Lack of native code

I find it hard to believe that Skype would dump Windows Phone thinking that it’s not a good platform but the second reason might be valid.

Having said that, for some reason I don’t really care about Skype’s move. If native code is the issue here and Microsoft sees several developers complaining about it, an alternative will be found.

Given the beautiful concepts from Clarity Consulting, I don’t think I’d miss Skype.

via CrunchMobile

Dell Thunder Is Set To Thunder Its Way In To The Android World

Dell will be releasing a series of phones this year. First the Lightning, and now the Dell Thunder. While the Lightning runs on WP7 OS, the Thunder runs on the Android OS. The specifications of the Dell Thunder are similar to thedell-thunder Lightning. The Dell Thunder features a 4.1inch WVGA OLED display (AMOLED or Super AMOLED?), and has a 8MP camera. As of now, no other information about the hardware of the device is available. Looking at the specs, it is very likely that Snapdragon processor will be used on the Dell Thunder as well.

The Thunder will have a custom Dell UI named Stagerunning on top of the Android OS. At the time of its launch, the Thunder will have Android OS v2.1. The leaked document also suggests that the Dell Thunder will feature Flash 10.1 support. There is also a mention of an   “integrated web video Hulu app.” Hopefully, this will be the mobile Hulu application everyone has been waiting for so eagerly. The phone will be sold under the AT&T network, and the HSDPA version.

The phone is expected to be available from around Q4 of this year. The LTE model of this device will also be released at the end of Q4, 2011.


Dell Lightning Leaked, All Set To Strike The Mobile World!

Dell is one of the world’s largest PC and laptop manufacturers. Dell has been selling a few low to medium end handsets in the Chinese market. But now it looks like Dell will beDell Lightning striking the whole world with the Dell Lightning. The Dell Lightning is a WP7 based phone and features a 4.1 inch OLED display. It is not known whether the display is an AMOLED or a Super AMOLED. We   hope its the latter, because of its better sunlight legibility.

The CPU is the 1Ghz monster from Qualcomm the Snapdragon. The Lightning has a portrait slider form factor and features a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone has 512MB of RAM and 1Gb of ROM. It also packs in 8gb of internal storage. The device also features a 5MP camera, and can playback DivX files natively.

Flash and Silverlight are also supported by the device. The usual GPS, FM Radio, Accelerometer are all present. The launch date of the device is pegged at Q4, of this year. It is also believed that the device will be getting a hardware upgrade to support LTE networks, in Q4 of 2011.