Microsoft WP7 Update To Arrive In “Early March”; Multitasking And Copy-Paste Onboard

Even before the Microsoft event in MWC (Mobile World Congress) kick-started, the company released the details about the upcoming update for WP7 OS. The new update will bring introduce several much needed features to the WP7 OS including Twitter integration, third party apps multi-tasking support, performance improvements, reduce app/game load times and copy-and-paste. WP7 Microsoft did not mention much about the multi-tasking support but hopefully it will be supported by all third party apps. The multi-tasking switcher UI will be similar to Palm’s webOS Cards’ implementation. The new update will also bring in IE9 web-browser which will dramatically improve the web browsing performance on the device. The web browser will be hardware accelerated which is definitely good news! The popular social network Twitter will also be integrated into the People Hub so that WP7 users can get the Twitter updates of their friends directly. Here is the official change-log according to Microsoft’s press release :

  • Copy and paste functionality via first major update, coming in the next month
  • Twitter integration directly into the People Hub in 2011
  • Support for Office documents in the cloud in 2011
  • Dramatically enhanced Web browser experience based on IE9 in 2011
  • A new wave of multitasking applications in 2011

The update will also bring support for CDMA handsets on WP7 OS. The update is expected to be out by early March.

EDIT: The above features will be added to WP7 OS with multiple updates throughout 2011. The “early March” update will bring with it copy and paste functionality and performance improvements.

Engadget Posts Fake Nokia-Windows Phone 7 Prototype

Update: The images posted below were actual prototype of the devices. Sometimes we have to eat our words and this is a perfect example of it.

Hey, am I someone who should be scared? NO right, so here I am telling you how Engadget sometimes does not do fact checking and posts images of non-existent devices which won’t be seen until maybe 2012.


On top you will see the actual images Engadget posted. Below you will see how much photoshopped this image is, come on Engadget this is not what we expect from you.


If you look at the above image, there are few things that are wrong:

  1. The Nokia written on the phone is not how Nokia does it. They only started doing it with the Nokia N Series and E series and it is always towards the "right top" of where it appears in this image.
  2. The Nokia text/logo on all these devices are photoshopped.
  3. Nokia does not use rectangular cameras in any of their devices, they are all square and there are no vents behind in any Nokia phone.
  4. The headphone jacks on these are way beyond 3.5mm, looks like someone carved a hole in them using photoshop.

As far as concept phones go, they are not perfect, but they always follow a design pattern a company has followed all through. Sadly, this Engadget scoop has PhotoShop written all over it.

Images and Video of WP7 Powered Asus E600 Leaked

The Asus E600, the only Asus smartphone powered by Windows Phone 7, was leaked more than a month back. It had passed FCC testing back then and was to be launched soon. Today, more images and a video of the Asus E600 have leaked out.

It seems to have a stylish design and looks great. It will have a 4.0 inch capacitive touchscreen display with a WVGA resolution. It will run the Windows Phone 7 OS and will be powered by a 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM. It will have a 5 MP camera with LED flash and 720p video recording. No other details are out yet. It will likely be launched at the Mobile World Congress in February.

While the Asus E600 is a great device, it offers nothing that Samsung, HTC or LG offer in its Windows Phone 7 devices already. I wonder why Asus is even bothering to launch it now, it will hardly see any sales. Seriously, would you rather buy a Samsung or HTC smartphone or an Asus smartphone which is already late to launch and offers nothing more than the devices which are already available in the market.

Check out the Asus E600 images and video below:

Asus E600

via tinhte

Microsoft Developer Blogger Shows Easy Sniffing Of WP7 Traffic

Do you fancy investigating any traffic being sent in and out of your Windows Phone 7 device? Aside from the more involved method of using a packet sniffer on your phone or capturing the data over a wireless connection and decrypting it, a member of the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) has gone ahead and given some extremely straight forward steps on how to set up a man-in-the-middle proxy to capture and store all HTTP and HTTPS traffic. How it works is very simple – Fiddler, a web debugging proxy, is run on a Windows PC and acts as an intermediary gateway to the outside world, once you configure your device to pass information through it, Fiddler will capture, display and allow you to modify the passing traffic.

What legitimate use case could this have? Well it’s useful for developers who are writing apps, however it’s especially useful for enterprising hackers, do-it-yourselfers and anybody else who is concerned about the information that apps are uploading. Microsoft does have very stringent rules for allowing applications into the Marketplace, but as we’ve seen before with the Apple AppStore and the Android Market, sometimes things either slip through the cracks or are obfuscated enough that the QA team is fooled which allows the malicious code to go live. With Fiddler, you can see full HTTP streams and if you do choose to install the SSL certificate – all HTTPS encrypted traffic can be re-signed using the cert and then decrypted at will.

While most developers will be using the emulator to do the majority of their development work, when it comes to real deployment and users who want to get started in monitoring their device traffic, they should visit the post on the MSDN Blog by Eric Lawrence and follow the provided instructions.

HTC HD2 First WP7 Based ROM Released

Rejoice all HTC HD2 owners! A few days ago the HD2 got its first NAND based Android 2.2 ROM and today, the first WP7 based ROM for the handset has been released. The DFT (Dark Forces Team) has released the first WP7 ROM for the HD2 for public consumption. HD2 owners can install this WP7 ROM on their handset and play around with WP7 to get a feel of it.

Nearly all the hardware of the phone is working smoothly on this ROM including Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom. Users can also sync the handset with the Zune software bundled with WP7 devices.


The performance of the ROM is also very snappy with the first boot taking only around 20 seconds. There is a twist in the tale though. HD2 owners won’t be able to access the Windows Live services which can be a huge disappointment for many.

HD2 owners can download the WP7 ROM and read the steps on how to flash it on their handset here.

Update: HD2 owners can now get Live services working under this WP7 ROM. Click here to know more.

Windows Phone 7 To Get Update In January?

WP7 Update Copy and Paste

It’s no surprise that Windows Phone 7 was let out the gate with a few essential smartphone features missing, most notably being copy and paste. Well, during a CES keynote, Steve Ballmer indicated that an update would be available soon, but anybody who digs a little deeper would see that Microsoft has a “Windows Phone 7 Updates” page that shows January right in ASP document file name plain as day –

In addition to bringing copy and paste, the next update will include better filtering and searching for apps and games in the Marketplace as well as speed optimisations to continue “getting you to the things you love, easier and faster.”. Thanks to the built-in update mechanism in Windows Phone 7, your device will automatically notify you of an update when it becomes available.

Kindle App For WP7 Handsets Released

Amazon Kindle is a very popular eBook reader available across many platforms, along with the Kindle, Kindle 3G and the Kindle DX eBook readers. The Kindle app from Amazon is available for free across platforms like Android-based devices, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, iPhone and BlackBerry. Today, Amazon has released the Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 OS. The Kindle app for WP7 handsets includes new features like personalized recommendations and the ability to send book recommendations to a friend.

Kindle_WP7Here is the list of official’ features supported by Kindle on WP7 :

      • Seamless integration with Kindle, Amazon’s purpose-build reading device which is light weight, easy on the eyes with a paper-like Pearl e-ink display, and has a full month of battery life.
      • Amazon’s Whispersync technology lets you read and sync your library, bookmarks, notes, and highlights with the devices and platforms of your choice (Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Android-based devices, and Windows Phone 7-based devices).
      • Read on your Kindle, read on your tablet, read on your phone. We’ll keep track of your last page read, and make it easy.
      • Access to over 775,000 books in the U.S. Kindle Store – the largest selection of the most popular books that people want to read – including New Releases and 100 of this week’s 110 New York Times Bestsellers. Choose from hundreds of thousands of books at $9.99 or less, including many New York Times Bestsellers and New Releases.
      • Kindle’s Worry-Free Archive automatically backs up your Kindle library on Amazon, so your books can be re-downloaded wirelessly anytime.
      • Integrated shopping experience allows you to shop without leaving the app.
      • Send an email to a friend with a link to the book you’re reading or to any book in your library without leaving the app.
      • Customize your reading with five different font size and three background color options.
      • Read in portrait or landscape mode, and to turn pages by tapping on either side of the screen or flicking.
      • Start reading the beginning of a book for free before buying and receive personalized Amazon recommendations on the home screen of your app.

Amazon Kindle has a Buy One, Read Everywhere’ feature which allows user to purchase one eBook from say their iPad and then read it later on via their Android based handset. Now, Amazon only needs to release a Kindle app for Symbian devices and a tablet version of the app for Android based tablets before their Kindle app will be available for all major OSes out there.

WP7 owners can download the app from Windows Marketplace for free.

Top 10 Phones Of 2010

The year 2010 was all about phones with 1GHz processor, huge screens, AMOLED displays and loads of internal storage and RAM. Every known hardware manufacturer released a new handset after every 3-4 months. However, only a few of them were good enough to stand out from the crowd.

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There were some phones which gave Apple’s based a run for it’s money. Microsoft also entered the foray in late 2010 with their Windows Phone 7 platform which introduced some new phones. Even Nokia came up with a good phone using the platform. So which are the top 10 phones than made a mark in 2010? Here is a list of them in my opinion.

10 – LG Optimus One

Phones are not only about high-end hardware and Super-AMOLED screen/Retina Display. Not everyone in this world is rich enough to buy a high-end Android/WP7 handset or an iPhone. While most manufacturers do launch low-end to mid-range Android based handset, they sport either a very low amount of RAM, a weak processor, or an odd resolution (Samsung Galaxy 3). The LG Optimus One is a mid-range handset, but it packs quite a punch. The handset has a 3.2-inch HVGA display and packs 512MB of RAM. The handset is powered by a 600 MHz processor, ensuring that the phone chugs along nicely.

LG Optimus One

While most high-end handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S series, are still waiting for their Android 2.2 update, the Optimus One runs on Android 2.2 right out of the box. LG has even confirmed that the handset will get the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. No wonder, the Optimus One is the most popular handset to ever come out from LG’s stable.

9 – Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus

The problem with all Windows Phone 7 based handsets is that they are all too similar, both in hardware and in interface. The only phone which stands out from the WP7 handset crowd is the Samsung Focus. The Samsung Focus uses the awesome 4-inch Super-AMOLED screen found on the Galaxy S line-up of handsets. The Focus is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and has 512MB of RAM as well as ROM along with 8GB of internal storage. The back of the handset sports a 5MP snapper with AF (Auto-Focus) and an LED flash.

The Focus runs on WP7 and is carrier locked to AT&T. The only downside of the phone is the very low internal storage space (8GB). The Focus is the lone WP7 running handset in our Top 10 phones of 2010 and barely makes it to our list at number 9.

8 – Samsung Wave

The Samsung Wave retails for around $370 on Amazon, and that’s what makes it killer. At such a low price, the phone offers top-notch build quality and hardware. The Wave uses the same CPU that powers the Samsung Galaxy S series the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor from Samsung. The phone also packs a brilliant Super-AMOLED display, albeit a small one, at only 3.3-inches.   The Wave was the first handset from Samsung to run its brand new OS Bada.

Samsung Wave

The phone also sports Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 and a decent 5MP camera with Flash. The Wave is still the best handset for users who hardly care about apps and games for their phone.

The stellar hardware and the killer price help the Samsung Wave to make it at number 8 on our Top 10 phones for 2010.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Now Offers More Than 4000 Apps

Windows Phone 7 is slowly but steadily adding apps and games to its online application store, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. We had reported that it offered 3000 apps just 20 days back; but now it has more than 4000 apps and games to offer.

According to WP7 Applist, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace sports 4159 apps. Of those, 29% are free while the rest are paid apps with an average price of $1.41. 22% of the total apps are games.

While the growth is quite decent, the numbers are still nothing compared to the Android Market or the iPhone App Store. The WP7 Marketplace should overtake the Palm Appstore in Q1 2011, going by current trends.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace
Source: WP7 Applist

Windows Phone 7 Powered Asus E600 Passes FCC Tests

Asus began working on a Windows Phone 7 device long ago, but we weren’t able to see a WP7 powered Asus device at the official launch of Windows Phone 7.

A prototype by Asus running Windows Phone 7 was used to demo Windows Phone 7 features in September, but it wasn’t spotted since.

Now, it seems that the Asus E600 is on its way to us. It has just passed the FCC barrier and should be launched by Christmas. It will probably be launched on AT&T’s network soon. It is a very capable device which sports a 5 MP camera and 4 inch touchscreen display with a 1300 mAh battery. No pricing details have been revealed yet, but it should be in line with the other Windows Phone 7 models.

Asus E600

Source: FCC