WordPress 2.6.3 Released, Fixes A Vulnerability in Snoopy

The WordPress team has released WordPress 2.6.3 which fixes a vulnerability found in Snoopy, a popular library to communicate with http and https protocols from PHP.

The vulnerability is low risk, however it is better to upgrade to the latest version. However the upgrade includes changes to only two files, which you can easily download and upload to your FTP site.

Download the files below, to upgrade to WordPress 2.6.3.

  1. wp-includes/class-snoopy.php
  2. wp-includes/version.php

Important Note: Only upload the files if you using the WordPress version 2.6.2 currently, if you are using a earlier version, perform a full upgrade to WordPress 2.6.3.

Test Your Custom Permalinks On Local WordPress Installation In Windows [Windows Mod Rewrite]

If you run WordPress on your local PC, chances are that you may not be testing it using custom permalinks, you may have on your actual website, the reason being that your default Apache configuration may give you 404 errors when you try to use custom permalinks.


This is because, a Apache installation on windows does not have mod_rewrite enabled by default. So if you are looking to test your custom permalinks on your local WordPress installation in Windows, you will have to enable it in the Apache configuration file (httpd.conf). Here are the directions on how you can do that.

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Fix for Future Posts Not Posting In WordPress

Over the past few days we were facing a issue with the future posts feature in WordPress, while the future posts correctly showed a timer to the scheduled time, once it reached the scheduled it started in reverse direction and the timer went from 1 minute to 2 minutes and so on.

wordpress-logo To top that, we also had a issue where few of our post dated future posts published ahead of time. This was particularly frustrating and we checked several things such as server time, WordPress time stamp and other possible places where we could find out the problem.

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Happy Birthday WordPress

Well it’s been a really long weekend and I had quite a break and relaxation for past 4 days. Posting for last 3-4 days has been quite low, but now it’s back to work and blogging.

Oh and I also released a plugin over the weekend don’t forget to check out the awesome WordPress,Happy Birthday,WordPress Birthday