ConveyThis: A Free Translation Tool For Your Blog

With an increasing number of global readers, a blog or website cannot survive without offering their content in multiple languages. There are many services that users can use to translate a web page like Google or Babel, but going through the whole process of copying URLs is quite a hassle.

There is a tool, however, which can make it easy for both the users and the webmasters. ConveyThis, adds a translation button to a website or blog, that allows visitors to translate that website into 40   different languages. The button is quite similar in function to the popular AddToAny button.

As soon as the visitor brings their mouse over the button, a window pops-up allowing the visitor to select their desired language. After they have chosen their language, they can choose from 3 or 4 different translation services including Google and Babel. A separate wordpress plugin is also available for easier installation.

WordPress Plugin Update Email Notifier

Here is a quick plugin I wrote called Plugin Update Email Notifier, the basic function of this plugin is to send out daily/weekly/monthly notification to administrators if there are any new plugin updates available for their blogs.

Many administrators do not usually login to the admin dashboard, thus missing out on new plugin updates made available by plugin authors.

Many a times these plugin updates are critical and may address a crucial flaw in the plugin or add a exciting feature, to keep you up-to-date on the new updates available for plugins you use (or also those that are deactivated) without having to visit the admin dashboard, you can use the plugin update email notifier plugin.

It runs in the background on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and checks for updates available in plugins and emails you a digest.

Installation is simple, just download the plugin and upload it to your plugins folder, once you have uploaded the plugin, activate it.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you have activated the plugin don’t forget to set up the plugin to run according to your needs, this setup is required so that the plugin knows when to run and send you email updates about it. Just head to the settings page and change the settings accordingly, if you do not want to change the settings just hit the Save Settings button once.


You can choose to receive updates once a day, once a week or once a month, by default the updates will only include active plugins you are using, however you can choose to get updates for inactive plugins as well.

If you want to stop receiving emails for plugin updates, you can choose that option too without having to disable the plugin.

Here is the format in which you will receive plugin update emails.


If you choose to get updates for inactive plugins, the plugin will flag it in the email making it easier to decide whether or not you need to head to the admin dashboard to update the plugin.

Hope you find this useful, took me just two hours to code, however there are still other huge I am working on and will release soon, keep an eye out for them.

Right now the plugin is hosted on Google code, will move it to WordPress extend as soon as the plugin gets approval.

Download Plugin Updates Email Notifier

Downgrade or Uninstall WordPress 2.8

2.8 is out, however lots of users are facing problems with the new installations, if you are someone who is facing problems and looking for a way to downgrade or uninstall WordPress 2.8 and use WordPress 2.7.1.

Here are the steps to downgrade WordPress 2.8 to WordPress 2.7.1, I assume that you have backups of your database with you, without the database  do not downgrade.

Note: I am providing these instructions for your reference, I take no liability if something goes wrong with your downgrade.

Most of the problems happening in installs in WordPress 2.8 is because of incompatible plugins and themes, please make sure you switch to the default theme and disable all plugins to see if it solves your problem before you make a decision to downgrade.

The downgrade process may take about 30minutes to an hour, so be prepared to have some downtime on your blog.

Step 1: Backup your current database and store it in a safe location, if anything goes wrong you can fall back on it later, here are some instructions on backing up your database, here are some questions with relation to Backing up WordPress.

Step 2: Delete all WordPress 2.8 files, to do this login to your FTP server and delete all files in the WordPress install except for wp-content folder and the wp-config.php file, you may also want to leave out other folders that are not related to WordPress.

Step 3: Download the WordPress 2.7.1 files and extract them to your local drive, upload all the files excluding the wp-content to your FTP server.

Step 4: Delete all the database tables in the WordPress database. Please make sure you have backups of your database before you do that.

Step 5: Restore the database backup you have before you upgraded to WordPress 2.8, you can find instructions on restoring your Database.

Step 6: Make sure everything works again and nothing is broken.

That’s it, hopefully this helps users who are seeing problems with their upgrade to WordPress 2.8.

WordPress App Coming Soon To BlackBerry


Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress blogging platform, has just announced a BlackBerry WordPress app is in the making and will be coming pretty soon. This application is going to be a boon to the blackberry users, who want to update their blogs and have no laptop/pc/mac access. There aren’t really much details been released about the application, but we are suspecting its going to be like that on IPhone.

Currently, there exists few addons/plug-ins to provide mobile friendly platform but it has certain shortcomings, feature-wise. The application from BlackBerry will permit liveblogging and quick edits and coupled with the fact that the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard is ideal for writing; it seems possible that even full drafts can be written while on the go.

Even though the release date for the application is not finalized yet, I am sure this piece of software is going to be popular among the masses.

WordPress 2.8 Release Date Is June 10th?

2.8 which packs in several interesting features may be finally coming out on June 10th 2009.

The WordPress development blog updated with their IRC chat meeting where the target date for WordPress 2.8 was set as June 10th, this may in the end not turn out to be the final release date, so don’t keep your fingers crossed.

However this version of WordPress packs in several features including a theme browser and installer, much more customizations to the admin dashboard, a better widgets API among other things.

If you have not yet had the chance to take a look at WordPress 2.8 or its features, do take a look at a Hands-on Review of WordPress 2.8 I did on Weblog Tools Collection, it would better help you make a decision on whether or not you should upgrade to WordPress 2.8 whenever it comes out.

What do you think, will you upgrade to WordPress 2.8 when it comes out? Are the features interesting enough for you to upgrade, do let me know your thoughts.

Hide Categories And Posts From Appearing On Homepage and Archives In WordPress

Quite recently I was revamping my personal blog, as a part of the process I wanted to remove certain posts from appearing in the navigation, the best way I thought would be to un-publish them.

However I searched around for a better solution to it and came across a gem of a solution called Advanced Category Excluder, which allows users to exclude categories and more from appearing in your home page, , RSS feeds and more.

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WordPress 2.7 To Be Released Today and Few WPAU Updates

2.7 is finally slated to be released today yesterday and many people including me are excited about this, this release brings in a new era for the WordPress platform, adding in several new exciting features, which were available as plugins earlier on.


Should you upgrade to WordPress 2.7? Well we did a WordPress 2.7 hands-on review that tours some of the most exciting features in WordPress 2.7, take a look at it and decide for yourself.

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WordPress Blogs Showcase

The platform has been powering millions of blogs for quite sometime now, and have been appreciated tons of time. Over the past few months WordPress has been adding several new features to their blogging platform and people are already awaiting the arrival of WordPress 2.7, a platform that brings a huge change to how people blog.

If you are still not aware of the changes in WordPress 2.7, you may want to read our hands-on review of WordPress 2.7. That said WordPress has added a new feature called Showcaseon their website, that showcases blogs running on the WordPress platform.

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How To Install WordPress on Windows? [Video Tutorial]

In a normal software release cycle we have a development, staging and production environment where we:

  • Develop and test software on the development.
  • Stage the code on Staging environment for QA and clients to test.
  • And then move it to actual live production environment for the end users.

In a similar way, when you are planning to add a new plugin or make changes to your theme, it is always advisable to test it out on your local environment once, before you move the plugin or theme changes to your live website.

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