WordPress Plugin Update Email Notifier

Here is a quick plugin I wrote called Plugin Update Email Notifier, the basic function of this plugin is to send out daily/weekly/monthly notification to administrators if there are any new plugin updates available for their blogs.

Many administrators do not usually login to the admin dashboard, thus missing out on new plugin updates made available by plugin authors.

Many a times these plugin updates are critical and may address a crucial flaw in the plugin or add a exciting feature, to keep you up-to-date on the new updates available for plugins you use (or also those that are deactivated) without having to visit the admin dashboard, you can use the plugin update email notifier plugin.

It runs in the background on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and checks for updates available in plugins and emails you a digest.

Installation is simple, just download the plugin and upload it to your plugins folder, once you have uploaded the plugin, activate it.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you have activated the plugin don’t forget to set up the plugin to run according to your needs, this setup is required so that the plugin knows when to run and send you email updates about it. Just head to the settings page and change the settings accordingly, if you do not want to change the settings just hit the Save Settings button once.


You can choose to receive updates once a day, once a week or once a month, by default the updates will only include active plugins you are using, however you can choose to get updates for inactive plugins as well.

If you want to stop receiving emails for plugin updates, you can choose that option too without having to disable the plugin.

Here is the format in which you will receive plugin update emails.


If you choose to get updates for inactive plugins, the plugin will flag it in the email making it easier to decide whether or not you need to head to the admin dashboard to update the plugin.

Hope you find this useful, took me just two hours to code, however there are still other huge I am working on and will release soon, keep an eye out for them.

Right now the plugin is hosted on Google code, will move it to WordPress extend as soon as the plugin gets approval.

Download Plugin Updates Email Notifier

Hide Categories And Posts From Appearing On Homepage and Archives In WordPress

Quite recently I was revamping my personal blog, as a part of the process I wanted to remove certain posts from appearing in the navigation, the best way I thought would be to un-publish them.

However I searched around for a better solution to it and came across a gem of a solution called Advanced Category Excluder, which allows users to exclude categories and more from appearing in your home page, , RSS feeds and more.

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Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers Updated To Work With Google Feedburner Accounts

Update March 6th, 2010: Released v1.3.0 to fix several issues with NUS. Plugin now works fine with Google accounts. Support for old FeedBurner accounts has been dropped in this release.

Update May 24th 12:34 Am 2009: Release version 1.2, it fixes a issue users had with Cookies, this issue affected users and showed them a message that there were no subscribers even when there were subscribers who had not confirmed, thanks to @narayanah for pointing this issue to me.

Minor Update Released at May 23rd 2009 10:43 PM EST : Just pushed a small update to the plugin, it is to fix a issue with the feed ID I was storing in the database, earlier version used INT to store the value, newer version uses varchar, if you have been using the older version of the plugin, updating to NUS v1.1 should automatically fix this issue, downloads available at the same place, you will get automatic update intimation in the Plugins Dashboard.

Sorry for the unwarranted update, I thought I had taken care of this issue. If you have  been using v0.1 earlier, please upgrade to v1.1, v1.0 may not work for people who used the older version and have not deleted the old tables.

Quite sometime back I had written a plugin that allowed users to notify unconfirmed email subscribers in their Feedburner account, the plugin worked pretty fine, however it stopped working after Google started moving users from the old Feedburner accounts to Google.

I have been getting several requests to fix this problem, and have finally had a chance to sit down and make the changes to the code to work with newer Google Feedburner accounts.

The new changes include an option for users to specify whether they are using a Old Feedburner.com account or the newer Google Feedburner Account, before starting with the notification process.


Hope this helps whoever have complained that the plugin stopped working for them, if you haven’t deleted the plugin, you should see a new dashboard alert to upgrade the plugin to a newer version.


Another slight change in the NUS plugin is that I have moved it from the original location to under the Tools menu now and changed the title to Notify Unconfirmed Subscriptions, so please keep in mind where you can find that option now.

If you haven’t used it yet, you can read what Notify Unconfirmed Subscriber does on the release page or download the plugin from extend. If you have any problems with the plugin, please create a topic in the Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers Forum.

Download Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers

Feed Pauser Update: Disable Individual Posts From Appearing In Feeds

Quite sometime back I had released the Feed Pauser WordPress plugin which allowed blog publishers to delay publishing the posts from reaching feed readers, the delay could be set to a few minutes or a couple of hours, this was to ensure that you had done all the checks and made sure the feed was correct, before they could be read by your feed subscribers.

Quite a few months and a discussion with Shankar Ganesh later, I have updated the plugin to allow blog authors to disable individual posts from appearing in feeds.

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Remove Browser Frames Imposed by Social Networking Sites

Several social networking sites have taken up to using Frames to display external content, several sites like , Stumble Upon, Digg with the help of Diggbar make use of frames to load external content, even tinyurl services like ow.ly make use of frames to display content to users.


These changes are good for the social networking sites themselves, however the same cannot be said for blog and website publishers, since loading content from a site in frames or frames definitely hurts.

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All In One SEO Pack Bridge for WLW Plugin Release

I love using Windows Live Writer and don’t use the WordPress admin dashboard to write posts, however I also make use of the All In One SEO Pack plugin, which allows users to tweak the title of a post, and add keywords and description to it.

However WLW does not have options to add additional fields to the post, so I have to manually go in and edit the posts when I want to customize the title or keywords for SEO optimization once I have published the post.

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WordPress Automatic Upgrade [WPAU 1.2.5]

I had officially retired Automatic Upgrade sometime back, however after several emails to upgrade the plugin and issues for upgrading using WordPress core update in WordPress 2.7 and above, and emails from the Automattic team, I have finally released a update that addresses couple of issues.

The issues that are fixed are as follows.

  • Fixed an issue which disallowed core updates to occur when WPAU was updated in WP 2.7 and above.
  • Updated the code to display nag on WordPress 2.7 and above.

This takes care of problems faced by several users, you can download the latest update from the official WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin page, or directly update it using the plugin updater in WordPress core.

YARPP: Best Related Posts Plugin For WordPress

Related posts are definitely a great way of garnering more page views for any website, they help you engage the readers into similar topics. Having used quite a few related posts plugin over the last two years, I was really quite disappointed at the output they provided with.

That was until I came across YARPP which is ironically known as Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, but mind you don’t just go by the name, it is really not just yet another plugin, it is the best related posts plugin ever written for WordPress.

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Download Adobe Air WordPress Comments Moderator[Featured Download]

Last month we had written about a under development desktop application to manage WordPress comments from your desktop, Daniel Dura the developer has kept his promise and has finally released the alpha version of the application.


The application is available as a WordPress plugin. To get the Adobe Air App download the plugin and activate it on your blog. Once you have done that, visit the Settings > Moderator option and download the Moderator Adobe Air for your PC, Mac or Linux.

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Officially Retiring WordPress Automatic Upgrade

WPAU has had a great journey helping people and creating problems for few of you, but it’s finally time to say goodbye to all the well wishers as well as the people who thought WPAU was a worst plugin they every came across.

The problem with extending something in a popular software always has it’s expiry date and likewise WPAU has to come to a end. Why? Because WordPress is building this into it’s core in WordPress 2.7.

So is this good news or bad?

It is a absolutely good news not only for me but for people who use WordPress, for me because I wrote the plugin to fill in a void in the core code, having it in the core code not only gives me joy, but to millions of other WordPress users too.

So Now You Stop Replying To My Emails and Support Questions?

Not until WordPress 2.7 has released, for those who have emailed me know that I have always replied back with a response as a solution or as a help to solve a problem, for those that I did not reply back there were already published solution which I did not reply to.

What Next?

Well I have several plugins planned in for the future, you can definitely know that I won’t stop working on plugins, every software no matter how advanced they are lack features, and I will definitely be the first one to do something to fill in those voids, if you have any suggestions you want me to develop, feel free to contact me and I will try and develop those.