WordPress Automatic Upgrade [WPAU 1.2.5]

I had officially retired Automatic Upgrade sometime back, however after several emails to upgrade the plugin and issues for upgrading using WordPress core update in WordPress 2.7 and above, and emails from the Automattic team, I have finally released a update that addresses couple of issues.

The issues that are fixed are as follows.

  • Fixed an issue which disallowed core updates to occur when WPAU was updated in WP 2.7 and above.
  • Updated the code to display nag on WordPress 2.7 and above.

This takes care of problems faced by several users, you can download the latest update from the official WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin page, or directly update it using the plugin updater in WordPress core.

Officially Retiring WordPress Automatic Upgrade

WPAU has had a great journey helping people and creating problems for few of you, but it’s finally time to say goodbye to all the well wishers as well as the people who thought WPAU was a worst plugin they every came across.

The problem with extending something in a popular software always has it’s expiry date and likewise WPAU has to come to a end. Why? Because WordPress is building this into it’s core in WordPress 2.7.

So is this good news or bad?

It is a absolutely good news not only for me but for people who use WordPress, for me because I wrote the plugin to fill in a void in the core code, having it in the core code not only gives me joy, but to millions of other WordPress users too.

So Now You Stop Replying To My Emails and Support Questions?

Not until WordPress 2.7 has released, for those who have emailed me know that I have always replied back with a response as a solution or as a help to solve a problem, for those that I did not reply back there were already published solution which I did not reply to.

What Next?

Well I have several plugins planned in for the future, you can definitely know that I won’t stop working on plugins, every software no matter how advanced they are lack features, and I will definitely be the first one to do something to fill in those voids, if you have any suggestions you want me to develop, feel free to contact me and I will try and develop those.

WPAU Ranked #8 in Top 10 WordPress plugins at WordCamp San Francisco

I am very delighted and totally over the moon to inform you that WordPress Automatic Upgrade (WPAU) has been rated #8 in the Top 10 WordPress plugins at WordCamp San Francisco, this definitely lifts my spirits to a new high to develop and distribute useful plugins to the WordPress community.

I am really elated right now, thanks to all of you who have been using WPAU and to those who have reviewed it, for all those interested I am just few hours away from releasing another plugin that would make your life easier, look forward to it.

Here is a list of top 10 plugins from WordCamp San Francisco:

10. cforms
9. wp-polls
8. WP Automatic Upgrade
7. wp-cache
6. wp-db-backup
5. stats
4. nextgen-gallery
3. google-sitemap-generator
2. all-in-one-seo-pack
1. Akismet

Thanks once again, this bumped my spirits to a new level. You can check out the entire WordCamp San Francisco event details at WPAU,WordPress Automatic Upgrade,Announcements