Ultimate Tips and Tricks for WordPress 2.7

We usually put whenever a new product is released, however we did not do it this time, and we have a very good reason for it. One of our past Techie Buzz authors and blog colleague Karthik has already put up a really good list which every user must read to make the move to 2.7 as smooth as possible.

The list of tips and tricks include:

  • Links to tips and tricks to learn what’s new in WordPress 2.7
  • Handy instructions and tips to tricks to upgrade to WordPress 2.7.
  • Advanced resources and tips and tricks for using WordPress 2.7.
  • Know which plugins are compatible with WordPress 2.7

The tips include several things you should know, including some of the best features in WordPress 2.7, part of which we had covered in our WordPress 2.7 review, notes on making your themes compatible with WordPress 2.7 among other things.

So head out to Shankrila and read the Top WordPress 2.7 tips, hacks, plugins & resources.

How To Use WordPress 2.7 Threaded and Paged Comments Feature In Your Theme?

has been released and its time to start making use of the new features, in our WordPress 2.7 review we had told you about one of the new features available was inbuilt support for threaded and paged comments, however this feature will require you to make changes to your theme.

Here is a simple tutorial you can use to change your current theme to use the inbuilt threaded comments and paged comments feature in WordPress 2.7.

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WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” Finally Released

A few days ago we told you about folks announcing the release of WordPress2.7, however the release to self hosted WordPress users was delayed for some reason. That said the WordPress team has finally released WordPress 2.7 to users today and you can download and use it immediately.

If you are unaware of the features available in WordPress 2.7, do take a look at our WP 2.7 hands-on review, that walks you through some of the best features available.

Sadly this is the last time many of you will be using WPAU to automatically upgrade your blog, so it is time to finally say Adios to WPAU, Rest in Peace.

Update: I was able to update my personal blog to WordPress 2.7 using WPAU, so there should be no issues there while doing the final upgrade :-)

Download WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 To Be Released Today and Few WPAU Updates

2.7 is finally slated to be released today yesterday and many people including me are excited about this, this release brings in a new era for the WordPress platform, adding in several new exciting features, which were available as plugins earlier on.


Should you upgrade to WordPress 2.7? Well we did a WordPress 2.7 hands-on review that tours some of the most exciting features in WordPress 2.7, take a look at it and decide for yourself.

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WordPress 2.7 Beta Hands On [Reviews]

The WordPress team announced the availability of WordPress 2.7 beta 1, and I was pretty excited to give it a whirl, so I installed it on my local PC and was more than amazed at what is in store for users with WordPress 2.7.

Here are my impressions on WordPress 2.7, remember this is just a beta version, so do not install it on your main blog yet.

Improvised Dashboard

The first thing I noticed after logging in was a improvised dashboard which was way much better than any earlier versions of WordPress.

The new dashboard has easy navigation links in the left hand side, which is a change from the regular top menu navigation the earlier versions had. The dashboard widgets have been rearranged and look pretty in WordPress 2.7.

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