Eye-Fi Pro X2 – Double Capacity

Eye-Fi has gone into a serious overdrive – meet the new Eye-Fi Pro X2.


Remeber the old Eye-Fi Pro? You had to shell out 149.99$ for a 4 GB space that could be accessed via Wi-Fi. Well, the X2 simply doubles the space – you get 8 GB memory. Eye-Fi has also moved from Wi-Fi to 802.11n which increases range as well as speed. For one, it is now a class 6 memory card ensuring faster read/write speed. The Pro X2 also features Wi-Fi position-based geotagging. There is also an option for an ad-hoc Wi-fi connection. It also has support for RAW downloads and hotspot access for 1 year.

But that’s not all. Eye-Fi has not increased tha cost. This upgraded version comes for the same 149.99$!

Eye-Fi has also introduced one new feature – Endless Memory. All the uploaded images will be deleted which will free up space automatically.

Backup & Restore Wireless Settings in Windows 7

Quite sometime back we had told you about Net Profiles a network that allow you to port your network settings and connect to multiple networks without putting in much efforts.


But the beauty of is not just its looks, it has tons of features which eliminates the need for additional software. One such area is the ability to and export your wireless settings and re-import it again on the same PC or a different one.

This feature can definitely come in handy when you use Wireless protection and use a WEP or WAP key for it.

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The How-to-Geek blog has a step by step tutorial that will allow you to export your wireless settings and keys and use it on another computer. In the tutorial you will learn to save your Wireless key and restore it on the same computer or on a different one.

Pretty simple and easy, one more reason to love Windows 7.

Easily Backup & Import Your Wireless Network Settings in Windows 7 [How-to-Geek]

Techie Author Introduction: Elise Hines

Here at Techie Buzz we are always trying to give you the best news and views about technology. We have a belief that multiple authors adds more variety to a site and there are always people who join our team to give you the best views from their perspective.

Today we are proud to introduce a new author Elise Hines who has joined the team to bring you the latest tech news and help you know your technology head on.

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