Windows Control Panel Applet Shortcuts

With every release of Windows there have been several changes to the control panel, where Microsoft has tried to group tasks and make navigation easier, however many users find it hard to use the new control panel options and prefer using the default control panel.

If you want to make it a bit more easier to use the control panel applets, here are some handy for windows control panel applets.

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Confirmed Windows 7 Screenshots

Sometime back we had posted some leaked screenshots of Windows 7, but Microsoft has finally displayed the latest operating system offering at PDC and there are some confirmed Windows 7 screenshots that show you how the latest operating system will look like.

Here are some of the screenshots for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Desktop


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Recycle Files From Windows Command Prompt

Windows command prompt provides users with several commands to copy, move and delete files and the commands are quite faster than the regular GUI. Well that said deleting files from the command prompt can be quite dangerous since it skips the recycle bin altogether and works like the Shift + Delete option while using the GUI.

There is a handy utility though which will allow you to recycle your files from the command prompt rather than completely deleting it. CmdUtils provides you with a recycle command which pretty much works like the regular delete option for windows moving the deleted files to the recycle bin instead of completely deleting it. You can delete multiple files or use wildcards to recycle your files from the command prompts.

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Access Your Desktop Without Minimizing Application Windows [How To]

The Windows Desktop is used widely by users to store shortcut icons for their favorite applications, downloaded files, important notes and so on.

The desktop can be easily accessed by using the hotkey’s Windows + D or Windows + M but in process of using these keys you may have to minimize any current applications you are working on.

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Quickly Copy Text From Error Message Alerts

Every application you use may at one point or another crash or cease running, in most of the cases the applications show  you error messages in a alert using which you can Google or contact the support staff of the application.

For many years we have painfully typed each of the word in the error message in order to be able to Google it and find a solution.

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Make Windows Vista Faster With vLite

Windows Vista is visually appealing but at the same time it also uses huge amounts of memory and processing power. If your system memory is 1GB or less you will definitely see slow performance.

The slowness in performance is because of the various goodies Windows Vista provides you with along with many features and components you may not require at all.

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FontEXPRO: Free Font Viewer For Windows

This is a guest post written by Brown Baron. He blogs at where he writes about Technology, gaming news and reviews, gadgets and more. If you want to receive regular updates, then you can subscribe to his blog.

How many of you can remember what all your installed fonts look like? If you’re like me, you’ve got tons of cool fonts installed but can’t remember what they are or what they look like. If you’re going to use any text on your graphics, wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way of previewing your fonts?

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Never Spell a Word Wrong Again with Enso Words

I reviewed Enso Launcher last week here. After a week of using it, I am totally impressed by its simplicity yet how easy it is to get used to.

If you haven’t read my last post, Enso Launcher is for Windows what QuickSilver is to Mac but different in its construction and in the way you can teach it to learn your own bookmarks, shortcuts and applications. (you can see the Enso Launcher command cheatsheet here)

Humanized is the company that brings Enso line of products and another one worth mentioning is Enso Words. As the name implies, Enso Words is a Universal Spellchecker and brings English dictionary to your fingertips.

Enso Spell Checker

Enso Words

Enso Words is free to use and works the same way as Enso Launcher. You hold the Caps Lock (or the key you define in preferences) and type ‘spe(llcheck)’, after selecting the text you want to do spell checking for, and then release the key. Enso Words brings up a overlay screen where it highlights words that are misspelt or those that aren’t in Enso’s dictionary.

You can correct the highlighted words and Enso would auto-complete just after typing a few letters. Very helpful if you are not sure of the correct spelling. Or you can just press the mouse button on the misspelt word and Enso shows you alternate spelling. If the spelt word is like a name you use often and you know is right, there is an option ‘Learn this word’ so next time around Enso would know it. When you are finished with your corrections, you can type ‘done’ to finish. Very nifty.

Enso Words

Enso Dictionary

Enso Dictionary puts the English language at your fingertips. With the ‘define’ command, you can select any word or type any word to get its meaning in an overlay screen. You could also browse through previous meanings you looked up in this screen. Enso also offers ‘thesaurus’ command to look up similar words.

Enso Words

For me, when I tried the define command it takes me to for a meaning and I couldn’t get the overlay as shown in their demo. If you find out how to get that, please let me know in the comments below.

Count Words & Characters

I use ScribeFire as my brain dump to just quickly create notes for blog topics and write the things on my mind as a draft. I love this because it’s always there in my browser thoughout the day and I don’t have run a separate application. With Enso Words, I can do some cool things like ‘character count’ and ‘word count’. I have typed 412 words so far and I never had this kind of information at my fingertips before.Download Enso Words

Download Enso Launcher

My 2 Cents

I usually try to see the positive in everything and talk more the pros than cons. But, Enso has become an important tool in my productivity arsenal and I think that reflects the way I talk about it in this post. Don’t be put off by the thought of typing all these commands. Enso autocompletes every one of them after you type a few letters and it gets completely natural.

One thing that would make Enso 200% perfect for me is if it highlighted commonly misspelt words like ‘hear – here’, ‘there -their’ and such. It’s not that I don’t know the difference to use in a context but it is so easy to type the wrong one when you are concentrating on the writing something useful bit. May be I have to work on my proof reading.

Thanks for tuning in and see you next week! Have a great weekend everyone.

How Insecure Is Your Computer? Ask Secunia PSI

We hear about Windows security exploitations almost every day. Most of these exploitations are on computers which haven’t been updated with the latest security fixes through Online Update. We don’t though hear enough about exploitations through any other software we might have installed in our system.

In today’s world of freeware craze, we install tons of programs and some of us are even diligent about removing unused programs frequently. But, how often do we take the time to see if they are updated? Unless the program offers an automatic update check and you had enabled that option, you might have a year old software for all you know.

SecuniaSecunia offers a Personal Software Inspector (PSI) tool to analyze your computer’s software and provides you with list of software that needs updated. Next time someone asks me to clean up their computer, I am going to run this first to see what needs to be updated.

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Add Remove Program Alternatives for Windows

Adding and Removing programs are part of a regular computer lifecycle. You may install new software and try it out, then uninstall it after a certain amount of the time. The regular Add Remove Program available using the Uninstall Programs, Add Remove Alternatives, Uninstaller