Copy files faster, and more efficiently

Are you the kind of a person who always keeps working on data across different drives and disks – moving them and copying them over and over. Then, most probably, the inbuilt Windows file copier is very inefficient to you.

You can’t pause copying files, and if you’re in the middle of copying 100 files or so, and just that 51st file proves problematic, the entire copying process abruptly stops. If you’ve encountered such situations before, TeraCopy is what you really need to have.

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Hide Applications Windows Quickly With Window Hide Tool

Many a time you may have applications or websites open that you may now want anyone else to see. The best thing one can do to hide such things from others is completely close the application itself.

For example you are watching a funny video at work and may not want your colleagues or far more worse you boss to catch you at it. This is definitely not the best solution as you will have to start the application back up again once they have left.

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Clean Up Pre Installed Softwares In OEM PC’s For Free

When you buy a new Desktop PC or a new Laptop they come with lots of softwares pre-installed other than the operating system. Many of these may be useless to you and are part of the deals OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have with software sellers where they pre-install their softwares into the machines.

This can get quite annoying at times since most of these softwares are not fully licensed and are usually set to expire after certain period. There is another nagging problem from such softwares where they periodically ask you to buy the fully licensed copy whenever you use them.

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Edit and add custom locations in the Open/Save Dialog

Ever wondered whether you could add your favourite folders to the Open/Save Dialog in Windows? There’s a way to do that. Here’s a little tool that can help you add custom locations to the open/save dialog in Windows.

Places Bar Editor is a tweaking tool that does the job for you. It can help you add your favourite, custom locations to the Windows Open/Save dialog.

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Minimize Any Applications to System Tray

Usually many of us have lots of different applications open at a single time which are accessible through the task bar. You may not want to use all the applications but still want them to be open. For example I use Windows Live Writer quite often but I do not use it all the time.

The reason to keep the applications open is that I can easily and quickly access any application I want to without waiting for the delay to start them up. Leaving all the applications on takes up much of the task bar space.

Many applications such as Outlook 2003, Windows Live Mail and all IM clients have the default option where the application is minimized to tray, this is a great option as it keeps the application open but out of the way.

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Tools to check memory usage

Applications these days eat up large resources and memory. Checking memory usage is important and is only good for your computer. I’m presenting you with details on four nifty tools that just serve the purpose of checking memory usage in Windows:

SysTrayMeter – Download

Requiring no installation, this little tool sits in the system tray and continuously checks and displays memory usage and CPU usage neatly. Memory usage is better conveyed with colour codes.


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Add Remove Program Alternatives for Windows

Adding and Removing programs are part of a regular computer lifecycle. You may install new software and try it out, then uninstall it after a certain amount of the time. The regular Add Remove Program available using the Uninstall Programs, Add Remove Alternatives, Uninstaller