RunPee Helps You Plan Your Bathroom Break during Movies

Intermissions were necessary in the olden days because as they enabled the operators to change reels. However, as technology improved, intermissions became unnecessary, and were phased out in most parts of the world to save time and squeeze in more shows. India remains an exception, where for both Bollywood and Hollywood movies, theatres have an intermission, which gives the audience a chance grab more popcorn.

RunPee – Plan your Bathroom Break During Movies

The unfortunate downside to phasing out intermissions is that, in case you need to take a leak, you are forced to miss out on parts of the movie. RunPee is a mobile app that’s designed to help you with planning your bathroom break during a movie. Theaters don’t have pause buttons, but with RunPee you can at least ensure that you don’t miss out on the best parts of the movie. RunPee’s database is updated the day a movie comes out with the best moments to run to the bathroom. These scenes are normally three to five minute intervals in the movie where not a lot happens. RunPee tells you the exact time that the scene will start at as well as a dialogue by which you can identify the scene.

RunPee – List of Best Peetimes during a Movie

For an app with just one purpose, RunPee is rather feature packed. You can either select a movie, and chose to identify the scene manually. Or you can start a timer as soon as the movie starts, and RunPee will vibrate your phone, when a ‘peetime’ comes along. It also provides a quick summary of what happens during the scene.

RunPee- Countdown Timer to the Best Bathroom Breaks during Movies

There are also a couple of bonus features. If you’re running late, you can read a summary of what happens during the first three minutes of the movie on RunPee. Additionally, it also informs you if there are any extra scenes during or after the end credits.

RunPee – Bonus Features

RunPee is a free download on iOS and Android, while the Windows Phone version costs $0.99. I reviewed the Android version, and found it to work rather well. The user interface doesn’t strictly adhere to the Android design guidelines and is a mishmash of Android and iOS UI elements. RunPee won’t blow you away with its design, but the apps is undoubtedly handy, and serves its purpose brilliantly.

[ Download RunPee ]

Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Every week I pick three of my favorite Windows Phone apps. I include both paid and free apps as well as games. If you are an app developer and want me to feature your app here, drop me a line.



If you are on Yammer, you really wanted this app. If you aren’t, you still won’t bother. Yammer is a private, secure social network for your company. We, at Techie Buzz, are big fans of Yammer and we use it to connect with other authors and editors to share ideas and broadcast information. Plus we bitch about other blogs.

The Windows Phone app works well, and includes Live Tiles notification for new messages. The performance could be better and you’ll note sluggishness if your network is fairly active with frequent posts. One big annoyance of the app is the inability to view files attached with the posts, including images and documents.

Business | Free | 1MB | Download

Jet Car Stunts WP


Jet Car Stunts is an addictive, 3D driving game with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways,and outlandish maneuvers in impossible environments. Jet Car Stunts for Windows Phone features over 70 levels spread across three game modes:

  • Platforming – Just get to the finish line
  • Time Trial – Race against the clock
  • Freestyle – Perform stunts for score

Jet Car Stunts is not the usual car racing game but tests your stunt skills. The game gets interesting as you figure out new moves and stunts to execute, and of course needs a lot of patience. While the controls are pretty good, the game graphics are nothing to write home about. Great game, and worth the price.

Racing + Flying | $2.99 | 28MB | Download

The Guardian


I checked twice if the app is really good or I’m just blown away by the colorful Live Tiles for news on my Start screen. The Guardian app for Windows delivers all the latest news and best content from the Guardian and Observer to your Windows Phone in a highly customizable app.

The app allows you to read news stories, watch videos, listen to podcasts (on background audio too), and browse picture galleries while on the move. The app allows you to add multiple Live Tiles to your start screen; different colored tiles for different news categories. It beats my why the developers haven’t allowed the app to run as a background task so that the Live Tiles can update automatically.

News + Weather | Free | <1MB | Download

Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Every week I’ll pick three of my favorite Windows Phone apps. I’ll include both paid and free apps as well as games. If you are an app developer and want me to feature your app here, drop me a line.


Pulse is one of the latest arrivals on Windows Phone Marketplace after being a successful app for iOS and Android platforms. Pulse is a newsreader app that takes your favorite websites and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic.


Pulse intends to make reading news fun and engaging. It incorporates colorful panning story bars and fills them with content from your favorite sources. From the mosaic of stories, you can tap on an article to see a clean view of the news story. The app also allows you to share a story via Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can choose from a variety of sources from browsing the directory without bothering about remembering or copy-pasting RSS feeds.

Developed by Alphonso Labs, Pulse is available for free for Windows Phone 7.5 or higher.

News + Weather | Free | <1MB | Download


Implode is Angry Birds for those who want to have a blast’. Implode is a physics-based game that requires you to plant dynamite bundles to demolish obsolete structures.


Although the target of the game is similar to Angry Birds demolishing structures the gameplay and the styling is different, and appealing. It is easy to learn, but as the levels go up, it’s hard to master. The game already has 100+ dynamite levels and three types of bombs: traditional, blast, and directional. More levels and bomb types will be made available with upcoming updates. The chalkboard-themed UI is distinct and the touch and drag control options seamless. You can play with a casual, veteran, or expert difficulty mode and add achievements points to your Xbox LIVE account. Since the high scores for each level are graded, you always have the motivation to replay an already cleared level.

Published by Microsoft Game Studios, Implode is available for $2.99. A limited trial version is also available.

Puzzle + Trivia | $2.99 | 14MB | Download

Little Thumb GPS

Little Thumb GPS is a useful navigation app to archive all your favorite places, generic addresses, restaurants, hotels, car parks, tourist attractions, and outdoor venues.

Little Thumb GPS

I use the app very frequently these days to mark stores while I’m shopping and hiring services across the city to plan my wedding in a few months. This is why I also put it on my list of best navigation apps for Windows Phone. Using this app you can find your way by foot or car back to a previously stored favorite place. Saving a location doesn’t need address details when you are physically on the site, and hence is useful for adventure travellers to mark spots for fishing, bird-watching, mountain peaks et al. The saved location can include information like altitude and coordinates. Available in English and Italian, the app provides an option to select between Google and Bing maps.

Little Thumb GPS is developed by an Italian development studio, etinet. The $1.49 app allows 10 fully functional uses in the trial period.

Travel + Navigation | $1.49 | <1MB | Download

Microsoft Brings In-App Purchases With Microsoft Points To WP7

Xbox LIVE introduced Microsoft’s micro-transaction platform to make purchases against Microsoft Points that can be purchased. Xbox has had Microsoft Points for a while allowing users to purchase game addons and other multimedia content. Microsoft Points is like a virtual currency for the Xbox world. As Microsoft explains it, they introduced Points to replace credit cards that had a minimum of $5 restriction.

Windows Phone 7 game Beards & Beaks is the first to introduce Microsoft Points integration. The game has been developed by Microsoft Game Studio. (Looks like they called dibs on the feature.) Kev J from Electronic Theatre discovered the feature  and has explained the Microsoft Points integration. According to Kev, a user can use Microsoft Points to refill Mushrooms that can be used for special abilities in the game.

Points can be bought from Microsoft or other marketplaces like Amazon etc. Prices are:

  • 400 Microsoft Points – $4.99
  • 800 Microsoft Points – $9.99
  • 1600 Microsoft Points – $19.99
  • 4000 Microsoft Points – $49.99
  • 6000 Microsoft Points – $74.99

Microsoft Points integration could be how Microsoft will offer game upgrades like more levels for Angry Birds. I’m done with the current levels, I can haz moar pigs, plis! Magazine and news paper subscriptions could also be offered against Microsoft Points.

1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices Sold Already

Many, including me, believed that Windows Phone 7 hadn’t been selling as much as it was initially expected to. I even mentioned in my last post, that Windows Phone 7 sales hadn’t been very encouraging. With no official word from Microsoft, we had every reason to believe so. But now it seems that I (and many others) will have to eat my words. Today, Microsoft released some sales statistics for Windows Phone 7 devices, and the numbers are looking really good.

Microsoft had launched 10 Windows Phone 7 phones with different launch partners in October. It seems that 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold already, in the first six weeks since its international launch.

Even the developer support has been great, with Windows phone 7 now offering over 4000 apps in the WP7 Marketplace. If the Nokia-Microsoft deal does turn out to be true, Microsoft may be on its way to becoming the third most popular smartphone platform in the US after Android and iOS.

Windows Phone 7 Sales

via Microsoft

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Now Offers More Than 4000 Apps

Windows Phone 7 is slowly but steadily adding apps and games to its online application store, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. We had reported that it offered 3000 apps just 20 days back; but now it has more than 4000 apps and games to offer.

According to WP7 Applist, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace sports 4159 apps. Of those, 29% are free while the rest are paid apps with an average price of $1.41. 22% of the total apps are games.

While the growth is quite decent, the numbers are still nothing compared to the Android Market or the iPhone App Store. The WP7 Marketplace should overtake the Palm Appstore in Q1 2011, going by current trends.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace
Source: WP7 Applist

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Now Offers 3000 Apps and Games

While Windows Phone 7 still has a lot to prove before it can compare to the likes of iOS or Android, it definitely seems to be a step in the right direction.

Microsoft has managed to get all major handset manufacturers on board, with some really impressive devices. It has also succeeded in attracting developers to its platform.

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now sports close to 3000 apps and games with the numbers growing rapidly day by day. About 15000 developers have “already signaled their intent to bring exciting content” to Windows Phone Windows Phone 7.

It is nice to finally see Microsoft back on the right track with a promising OS and a slew of powerful devices.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace
via Windows Team Blog

Bing ReDesigns App For Windows Phones, Adds Turn By Turn Navigation

Bing app for Windows phones which was already pretty good just got even better. All the mobile phones that run a Windows Mobile OS got a nice redesign of the app today along with a voice based turn-by-turn navigation. The new design of the app focus on greater accessibility and displays common searches like ‘Movies’ and ‘Maps’ upfront. Besides these, users can also get a single-click access to  Maps, Directions, Local and  Favorites.

The turn-by-turn navigation feature is available for all Windows phones with a Windows Mobile version 6.x and is obviously powered by Bing Maps. Now while using the app to get directions, clicking on the ‘Navigate’ button will calculate your shortest route and guide you at each turn with voice alerts and visual arrows. You can also choose to avoid highways or tolls or simply get a list of directions.

However, the navigation feature is currently only available to users in the US. The navigation feature currently works with the following phones:


HTC Tilt 2

HTC Touch Diamond 2

HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch Pro

HTC Touch Pro 2

Motorola Q9c

Samsung Jack

Samsung Omnia II

Samsung Propel

T-Mobile Dash 3G