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iPhone vs Windows Phone 7 Video Comparison

Windows Phone 7 will be hitting the markets sometime in October, however, several lucky people have been able to get their hands on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Pocket Now who have an Windows Phone 7 based phone in their possession have created a video comparing the home screen between an and Windows Phone 7. WP7 has a dynamic home screen which contains tiles which update regularly, so you can access and view updates from and from your home page.

Pocket Now also compares the play controls which allow you to play audio even while you are using another program. Take a look at the video comparison between an iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

You can also view videos of comparison of browsers between Windows Phone 7,   and iPhone along with email client comparison of WP7, and iPhone below.

So what do you think? Does Windows Phone 7 look good enough to you? Or would you stick around with the or Android based phone?

First Real Images Of HTC HD7 Spotted

These days many devices powered by Windows Phone 7 are spotted in the wild, thanks to the official launch of Windows Phone 7 which is expected to be during the next month. The recent Windows Phone 7 powered device spotted in the wild is the HTC HD7. This device was leaked earlier, but now the first real images of this device has been appeared in Taiwan.

HTC HD7 will have a 4.3 inch WVGA display, 1GHz processor, 8GB internal memory, 32GB expandable memory and more. The complete specs, price and availability of this handset is still unknown. This handset is expected to be announced soon.

Some guys posted the real images of HTC HD7 in the Mobile01 forums. Check out the images below.

htc hd 7

htc hd 7

htc hd 7

htc hd 7

HTC Mozart Complete Specs Leaked

We have already seen the Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Mozart few months ago in the wild, but the specs of this device was not available at that time. Now an anonymous tipster has shared a video of HTC Mozart with the WMpoweruser guys, which completely reveals the specs of this amazing device. Check out the complete specs and the leaked video below.

htc mozart

HTC Mozart is powered by Windows Phone 7 OS and it runs on the 1GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 processor. It has a 3.7-inch WVGA Super LCD display, 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, HD (720p) video recording, 512MB ROM, 576MB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 32GB expandable memory, Audio DSP with SRS, Dolby Mobile and a 1300 mAh battery. This device include quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and dual-mode UMTS/HSPA (2100/900).

HTC Mozart is a powerful device and has the Dolby Mobile for superior mobile entertainment needs. The price and availability of this handset is not available yet. Stay tuned for more updates on HTC Mozart. Until then, check out the leaked video of HTC Mozart below.

Video Of HTC Sense Running On WP7 Surfaces

When Microsoft had announced its next generation Mobile OS Windows Phone 7, it had stated that handset manufacturers won’t be able to run their home-brewed UI on top of the OS like HTC Sense etcetera.HTC Sense WP7 Now, the folks over at Engadget have bumped across a video which shows the highly popular HTC Sense running on a WP7 handset. The video has a HTC Confidentialand For Internal Use Onlytrademarked on it.

After watching the leaked video, I am totally speechless. The 3D effects are just mind BLOWING! The 3D effects on the Notes UI definitely look stellar. The Weather and the Stocks application also have a very polished UI. It would be interesting to see if HTC actually pre-loads their WP7 phones with HTC Sense UI.

With the holiday season fast approaching, I expect LG, Samsung, Asus and HTC to announce a bunch of WP7 based phones soon!

Click here to watch the video.

Asus Windows Phone 7 Based Prototype Shows Up On Video

As the launch of Windows Phone 7 comes closer more and more videos and pictures of handsets running WP7 are popping up on the Internet. Now a video of an Asus handset running on Windows Phone 7 has popped up on the Internet.

The video is 11 minutes 46 seconds long and shows the upcoming mobile OS from MS in action. I personally found the Asus handset in the video pretty sleek. The UI of the device as demonstrated in the video also looks great.

However, we have already seen some great looking WP7 running phones from different manufacturers before. It is the hardware on which this prototype WP7 phone from Asus is running which interests most of us now. It does look like from the video that this Asus phone is using an AMOLED screen. It will be interesting to see whether most of these WP7 based phone run on the ‘old-and-outdated’ Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm or a newer generation chip.

Hopefully with time more information about this WP7 handset from Asus will pop up.


Samsung GT-i8700 running Windows Phone 7 Leaked

We already know that Microsoft is going to officially launch Windows Phone 7 on October 11. There have been scores of Windows Phone 7 related leaks in the past month. Some of them have been very revealing, like the LG GW910 and the LG E900 while some leaks like the HTC Schubert and the Sony Ericsson Julie haven’t been disclosed many details.

Today, images of yet another Windows Phone 7 smartphone – the Samsung GT-i8700 surfaced on the internet. It seems to have a stylish design and a camera with an LED flash. It also has 8 GB internal storage. Except that, no other details are out yet.

Samsung GT-i8700

Samsung GT-i8700

iOS and Android are growing at a rapid pace, both adding close to 200,000 devices a day. Many Android tablets are about to launch soon, further strengthening its position in the market.

The response to Windows Phone 7 has been quite decent, with the Windows 7 SDK seeing more than 300,000 downloads by developers. There are rumors of atleast 10 Windows Phone 7 smartphones in development currently.

via Gizmodo

Windows Phone 7 Launching On October 11

Microsoft loves October, literally. They have been several significant launches from Microsoft in October in the past few years including . And it looks like Windows Phone 7 will also be launched on October 11, 2010.

Windows Phone 7

According to Pocket Lint, who have some inside scoop from sources, Windows Phone 7 will officially be launched on October 11, 2010. This rumor might definitely turn out to be true considering that Microsoft always planned to launch Windows Phone 7 during holiday season of 2010.

Also, of late, there have been several leaked Windows Phone 7 devices doing the rounds of the Internet, including LG E900, LG GW910, New Samsung Phone, HTC Schubert and Sony Ericsson Julie among others.

Hopefully, Windows Phone 7 will be a competition to and and not just another wannabe out there in the highly competitive Smartphone market.

Leaked: LG E900 Running WP 7 Spotted

We reported earlier that LG’s upcoming phone E900 which will be sporting Windows Phone 7 has been spotted. Android.com.pl came up with good quality pictures of the LG E900 and a video of the WP 7 UI running on it.


The LG E900 is reported to have a 3.7inch TFT capacitive touchscreen. The processor inside is Qualcomm QSD8650. There are some rumors that suggest that the processor is QSD8650A. The difference between QSD8650 and QSD8650A is that the first one will have a clock speed of 1GHz, while the next will have a clockspeed of 1.3GHz. It will also have a microUSB slot and a 3.5mm audio slot.


Other common features like Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth will be present. The price of this phone is reported to be between $300-400 which is very cheap considering the hardware.

Here is the video:


Windows Phone 7 Browser Performance Compared With Android and iOS

Windows Phone 7 - LG PantherWindows Phone 7 is a very impressive new OS release by Microsoft. Microsoft seems to have learnt from its mistakes and has released a truly innovative mobile operating system this time around. From the looks of it, Windows Phone 7 seems capable of going head-to-head against Android and iOS.

Even Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 is a huge improvement over its predecessor on Windows Mobile 6. The guys over at PocketNow managed to get their hands on an LG Panther (LG GW910) with an early build of Windows Phone 7 OS. They have uploaded a video which compared the browser performance of Windows Phone 7 on the LG Panther with Android 2.2 on a Nexus One and iOS 4 on an iPhone 4.

The Panther running IE on WP7 easily holds its own against the best mobile browsers – Android’s Webkit browser and Safari. The page load times are very impressive and the tab management is quite good. The scrolling and zooming is also very smooth. If this video is any indication, Microsoft may have a huge hit on its hands.

via PocketNow

Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools Downloaded More Than 300,000 Times


Microsoft scrapped its Windows CE and launched Windows Phone 7 back in February during the Mobile World Congress 2010. Many ridiculed Microsoft for them not able to catch up with their competition. The lack of apps was predicted to be the major flaw for when Microsoft would launch WP7. Fortunately for Microsoft, developers seem to be as enthusiastic as the Microsoft employees.

An official blogpost from Microsoft mentions that Windows Phone 7 dev tools have been  downloaded  over more than 300,000 times. Not only did Microsoft provide easiest way to develop an app on Windows Phone 7 but also provided tons of online tutorials on how to develop Windows Phone 7. This has helped Microsoft to the extend that the Windows Phone 7 development tools have been downloaded over more than 300,000 times in just six months.

What does this mean? If the developer enthusiasm sustains then there surely won’t be any dearth of app on  Windows Phone 7 when ever the devices are launched in Q4. All we have to say is Congratulations to Microsoft for attracting developers.

LG GW910: Yet Another Windows Phone 7

Earlier today we saw the leaked pictures and video of LG E900. When LG mentioned that it plans to sell 5 million smartphones by this year end we weren’t quite sure how they would achieve it. Considering the series of Windows Phone 7 from LG, we now know at what they are  targeting  at least.

A Windows Phone 7 powered LG device  has just cleared the FCC namely LG GW910. Though we do not have entire details about the device we know that it comes with full physical QWERTY, a 5 Mega Pixel camera with LED flash and 3.5mm audio jack. We will keep you updated as soon as we get more information on the device. Check out the pics:





LG E900: Another Windows Phone 7 Device Leaked

A series of smartphones powered by Windows Phone 7 have leaked out in the past month. It started with the HTC Schubert and the Samsung Cetus i917. After that, details of the LG C900, a QWERTY WP7 device also leaked out two days back.

Today, a video of yet another Windows Phone 7 device by LG — the LG E900 has surfaced on Youtube.

LG E900

It is similar to the LG C900, sans the physical keyboard. It is much slimmer than the C900 and unlike the Cetus or the C900, doesn’t sport the Search and Back buttons.

Check out the video (it’s quite blurry) on Youtube

via Engadget

New Samsung Windows Phone 7 Device Caught in the Wild

After the HTC Schubert running Windows Phone 7 was leaked last week, an unnamed Samsung phone has surfaced on Twitter today. The leaked image shows it running Windows Phone 7.

Samsung WP7
It has sharp edges and what looks like a 3.5 – 3.7 inch touchscreen display. It doesn’t seem to be the Samsung Cetus which was leaked earlier in the month.

No details of the phone are out yet, but it is being handed to developers, probably for testing. The glossy black design looks quite good; there are three keys below the display: Back, Menu and Search.

Here’s another image of the same phone by Ales Rosina

We will keep adding details as they come. Keep checking the blog.

Source: Andrej Tozon

HTC Schubert Leaked, Another Windows Phone 7 Device

It’s the day of leaks. After the Samsung Flight II and the HTC Desire HD, we have the video of a new Windows Phone 7 smartphone by HTC: the HTC Schubert.

HTC Schubert

Windows Phone 7 hasn’t excited the major phone manufacturers yet, and we have seen just a few announcements about it yet. Last week, images of an Asus phone running WP7 surfaced in Pakistan, but that was about it.

With the HTC Schubert, it looks like we may see some WP7 action soon.

It seems to have a unibody design like the HTC Legend and seems quite compact. The display looks like a 3.5 or 3.7 inch TFT and it has a camera with flash. No other details are out yet; but we will keep you updated.

Check out this video by 247WindowsPhone.

Leaked: New Samsung Phone Running Windows Phone 7

SamsungSamsung is on a roll these days. After the tremendous success of the Samsung Galaxy S running the Android OS and the Samsung Wave running the Bada OS, details of a new Windows Phone 7 handset by Samsung have leaked out.

The new Samsung Cetus SGH-i917 will run the Windows Phone 7 OS and will offer some great hardware specifications.

It will have a 4 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It will also have a 5 MP camera and a secondary VGA camera. It will come with the new Internet Explorer mobile browser and will offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

By all indications, it should come with a 1 GHz processor and about 512 MB RAM, just like the Samsung Galaxy S.

No detailed specifications are out yet, but we will update this post once they are. Keep checking.

Source: Samsung Hub