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Even new computers have too much junk on them. Many PC manufacturers include special software packages and trial offers that you’ll probably never need. The common term for this stuff is crapware. As time goes on, your computer may also get slower because many different programs add themselves as startup programs. This means that every time you boot your PC, you’ll have to wait while lots of hidden programs automatically start.

In the past, I’ve used a program called PC Decrapifier to get rid of crapware. I also use WinPatrol to keep a close eye on the startup programs. A new program called SlimComputer now offers to do all of this and more.

On first run, you’ll be offered a chance to scan your computer for pre-installed software that you don’t want. All you have to do is to hit the big orange Run Scanbutton to get started.


When it’s done scanning, you’ll get the chance to uninstall the programs that it believes are crapware. Be sure to un-check any apps you want to keep, then click the Removebutton to continue.


After that, the Optimize section (button on left sidebar) allows you to view your startups and services. You’ll find that many of the items listed have a color rating that will tell you if the item is good to keep or needs to be removed.


If you remove things from Startup, you can always restore them later by using the Restoresection, which can be accessed on the left sidebar. There’s not much danger to removing startup applications. However, the next tab, Services, is a little easier to deal with.


There are only two choices when you are optimizing the Services. You can use Original Settingsor you can choose what they call SuperCharged.

Next, you can visit the Uninstaller page to remove programs from your PC. It’s not much different from the Add/Remove applet in your Windows Control Panel, except that they give you a colored rating on each app.


Finally, there’s an interface called Windows Tools. There you’ll find most of the common tools that you can usually find in your Accessories System menu on the PC.


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Techie Buzz Verdict

SlimComputer offers nearly every utility you need to speed up a computer. The only thing missing is a registry cleaner and optimizer. I might hesitate adopting this suite since it’s still a beta version, and there may still be hidden bugs. They might also decide to sell this application once it gets out of beta. It’s certainly better than most of the junk that’s offered on TV commercials.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 Good

Free Full Version of WinOptimizer 5

As is often the case with Ashampoo products, shortly after they roll out new versions, you start seeing free offers for the previous versions.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I’ve used several Ashampoo products after free versions became available. I’ve found their offerings to be very good in most cases. Ashampoo WinOptimizer is also one of those cases.

What is WinOptimizer?

winoptimizer-5-box WinOptimizer is a PC cleaner and optimizer. After scanning the system, the software offers you opportunities to change the PC settings to increase performance. It also scans for unnecessary (junk) files and orphaned or corrupted registry keys.

Here are a few additional features:

  • Undeleter
  • Icon Saver
  • Real-time backup
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Drive Cleaner
  • Tweaking Tools
  • Process Manager
  • StartUp Tuner
  • File Wiper
  • One-Click Optimization

WinOptimizer has consistently had a 4 out of 5 user rating at and is a popular download despite a normal cost of around $40 or $50 USD after a trial period.

In order to get it for free, you will have to jump through a few hoops. However, none of the hoops are on fire, and I’ll guide you through them step by step.

Get a free license and download WinOptimizer:

Windows Cleaner and Optimizer

Cleaning up and deleting temporary files is a very important process you should regularly perform for your computer, sometime back we even told you about several reasons for you to regularly cleanup your computer, cleaning up your entire computer manually is definitely a pain and there are several tools like CCleaner which automates the process for you.

Just came across another handy freeware called FCleaner which is a all-in-one Windows cleaning and optimization tool that will remove temporary files created by the computer, temporary files created by several applications and also cleanup your browser temporary files and cookies.

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