Recover Unsaved Posts In Windows Live Writer After a Crash

Earlier today, I had a system crash which ended up me having to reset the computer through the power button. Unfortunately, I had 4 Windows Live Writer windows open with different posts I was researching about. Now, I had done quite a few hours of work with those posts and losing them would definitely be a pain in the posterior.

With Windows Live Writer 3, I had an option to automatically save posts after 2 minutes, however, To my surprise and annoyance WLW 4 which is included in Windows Live Essentials Beta does not include an option to automatically save posts after a certain time. Now, I had thought that I had lost all the work and had to rewrite all the posts again, but was saved all the double work.


Thankfully Microsoft has added a new feature which allowed for an Auto-recovery if Windows Live Writer 4 did not shut down properly or crashed. The next time I started up WLW, I saw the message from the screenshot above, clicking on the "Recover changes now (recommended)" link magically recovered all the posts again, saving me a lot of time and hassles.

This feature is not available in Windows Live Writer 3, however, you can also recover unsaved posts if WLW crashed unexpectedly by browsing through the temp folder. WLW 3 creates a temp folder at the location, where "User" is your PC username:


When you browse to this folder you will see several folders in that, just view details and sort through date to look through them, the temporary post should be stored inside a file called "index.htm". You can open or view the files in this folder to find the post you could not save due to the crash. There is a 99.5% recovery rate through this folder.

However, if you want to get the benefit of Auto-recovery, go ahead and download Windows Live Essentials which also includes Windows Live Writer 4, and someone please tell Microsoft that they should not have removed a life-saver feature like Auto-save.

Windows Live Writer Wave 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

The one reason I have been delaying the upgrade to the new Windows Live Essentials beta was the removal of the Ctrl + L shortcut key for inserting images in Windows Live Writer. That was one of the most important shortcuts for me, and I really gave a damn to the new ribbon UI for inserting images.

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However, I recently upgraded to Windows Live Wave 4 including updating Windows Live Writer, because I found out that the shortcut key did exist, however, it was changed to Ctrl + J instead.

In addition to that Windows Live Writer Wave 4 also has several other shortcuts including those which allow you to apply paragraph and headline styles using . This feature was requested by me in my Windows Live Writer wish list.

If you want to know about more Windows Live Writer Wave 4 keyboard shortcuts, Aaron Bregel has put up the full list which can be viewed here. I found the image shortcut there too :-).

Windows Live Messenger For iPhone Clocks 1 Million Downloads

I must admit that I am not a huge Windows Live Messenger fan and rarely use it, however, it looks like there are now a million plus users who use the WLM for iPhone.

Windows Live Messenger iPhone App

Michael Chang, a Group Product Manager of the Windows Live Messenger made an announcement that the Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone has been downloaded over a million times in 5 days.

Now that is a huge milestone for Microsoft and shows that WLM is still being widely used by the 400 million active Windows Live Hotmail users they have. The good thing about the iPhone app is that it allows you to comment on friends photos and also view status updates from Windows Live, and MySpace and also allows you to view what your friend are sharing on and .

The social integration is definitely a huge plus for this app, and if that is not enough you can also access your Hotmail account and compose, read and reply to emails.

Interested to join the millions of users using this app? Head over to this iTunes link to download the Windows Live Messenger iPhone app.

Windows Live Essentials Beta Available For Downloads

Windows Live Essentials which was earlier known as Windows Live Wave 4 has reached a beta stage will be available for downloads starting tomorrow. Windows Live Essentials contain a set of free software that will allow you to instant message, play around with photos, edit movies, check email and also blog.

Windows Live Essential Beta

The biggest change in this release is the cloud integration for the different apps along with Social networking, blogging and document productivity. Most of the new apps will allow you to interact with SkyDrive, , , , Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and more.

Windows Live Essentials definitely provide a great set of software including Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Photo Gallery is also a pretty good

Downloads will be available at this page when it goes live. Check out a video of the Windows Live Essentials in action below. For more info visit the announcement post here.

Hotmail Allows Indian Users to Send and Receive Email through SMS

Hotmail Although, internet proliferation in India is rapidly increasing, it’s still far cry from being as ubiquitous as mobile phones. Realising that not everyone in India has regular access to the internet, Microsoft has added SMS support to Hotmail.

Microsoft said, With this fun and simple service, you can forget about going to the cyber cafe or logging on to your computer every time you want to check your mails”. While this might appear to be a silly and pointless feature to folks in western countries, I suspect that it may turn out to be a popular feature among Indians. “You can now receive, read and reply to emails on your SMS. The service also enables efficient viewing of emails by specifying the email address/domain from which you’d like to receive alerts on your SMS”, the company added.

This service can be enabled from It is available to Aircel, Bharti Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTNL Delhi, MTNL Mumbai, MTS, Reliance (CDMA), Reliance (GSM), Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo, Uninor and Vodafone Essar customers. While incoming messages are free, outgoing messages (replies) will be charged as per standard rates.

Set Up Windows Live Hotmail On Nokia And Win an Xbox 360 Arcade Console

Microsoft is busy revamping the UI for Windows Live Hotmail, however, they also have other plans to increase the usage of the world’s most used email service on mobile phones too.

In a new giveaway, Microsoft Windows Live have tied up with Nokia Messaging and are giving away a free Xbox 360 Arcade Console to users who set up Hotmail on the Nokia messaging app.

Windows Live Hotmail & Nokia Xbox 360 Arcade Giveaway

In order to participate and be eligible to win an Xbox 360 Arcade Console, users will have to complete the following steps.

  • Activate Nokia Messaging on your Nokia device.If you don’t have it already on your mobile. click here to download
  • Setup Windows Live Hotmail account using Nokia Messaging.
  • Send a slogan Why Windows Live Hotmail is the coolest email on mobile’ in less than 20 words to [email protected] from the Windows Live Hotmail Id you have activated.

You will find more information about the contest at the official Nokia Message page.


Microsoft Drops Windows XP Support From Windows Live Essentials

Windows XP was one of the most successful operating systems in Microsoft’s history. However, now it is starting to become a thorn in its side, as millions of Windows XP users around the world are refusing to let go. Nevertheless, Microsoft is making it clear that it is ready to move on.


After Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has decided to drop Windows XP support from the next generation of Windows Live Essential applications. Microsoft confirmed this through a comment posted on the WindowsTeamBlog:

We know many customers use Windows XP and are happy with their experience, and of course we will continue to support our current release of Windows Live Essentials on XP and the new versions all of our web-based services (including Hotmail and SkyDrive) will run on XP. As some have noted on this blog, Windows XP is nearly 10 years old and simply doesn’t provide the same level of platform support for graphics, and we recognized early in our work on Wave 4 that we could do much more in our software on a modern graphics platform. As a result our new version of Essentials will require the new graphics platform and controls that are only available on Windows 7 or Windows Vista and therefore will only run on these platforms. So if you are happy with XP, you can keep running the current version of Windows Live and our new services. When you move to Windows 7 and Windows Vista, we will have a new version that will let you do more on a modern platform.

Windows Live Essential bundles various Microsoft utilities for home users including Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Photo Gallery. Microsoft is currently getting ready to begin the public beta phase of Windows Live Wave 4. However, an early version has already been leaked on torrent websites.

Windows Live Wave 4 Leaked, Reviews

Windows Live Wave 4 has been in the making for quite sometime now and should be released shortly, however, few MVPs and Microsoft Connect users got early access to the closed beta preview of Windows Live Wave 4.


However, like every software, a version of Windows Live wave 4 was leaked on the internet, and according to DSQ is also available for download through torrents.

Windows Live Wave 4 contains the same family of products from Wave 3 including Windows Live Mail, Live Writer, Live Messenger, Live Photo Gallery, Live Movie Maker and Live Sync among others. The Windows Live Messenger does not work right now for regular users, but there is a patch floating around the internet which will allow users to sign in using regular hotmail/live IDs.

Other changes in WL Wave 4 include a new ribbon interface for Windows Live Writer, and a Outlook like UI for Windows Live Mail.

Manan has been able to put up a detailed review of Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Mail which are part of the Wave 4 family, you might want to check it to see the new features and improvements in this version.

Wave 4 might be released as a public beta in the next weeks, however, leaked copies of the version are doing the rounds of the internet, you might want to check torrent search sites to download a version.

Microsoft Releases Windows Experience Pack for Windows XP/Vista/7

Microsoft has been releasing freebies for Windows 7 users fairly regularly. However, that doesn’t mean that Microsoft has completely forgotten about users of older versions of Windows. The Windows team has released a new set of goodies for Windows Live, which are available not only for Windows 7 but also for Windows XP and Vista.


The Windows Experience Pack allows you to enjoy the beach, explore the city, go on a safari or experience the mountains without leaving your computer. It is mainly targeted towards Windows Live users and includes display pictures (static as well as dynamic), winks, emotions and messenger scenes. Windows 7 users will also get a new set of desktop backgrounds (wallpaper) and screensavers. The desktop wallpaper is personalized and features your online avatar.

The so called Windows Experience Pack is little more than a set of Windows Live goodies. If you don’t use Windows Live you won’t really find this exciting. However, one can’t really complain about something which is free.

Hotmail Hosts Over 1.3 Billion Inboxes

Of course, a lot of people have multiple email accounts but even after taking that into consideration, 1.3 billion is a really large number. This and more stats were shared by Arthur De Haan over at the Windows Team Blog recently.

Here are some other interesting stats:

  • Hotmail is offered in 59 regional markets and 36 different languages.
  • Over 350 Million people use Hotmail actively on a monthly basis.
  • Over 1 billion messages are marked as spam and filtered out from the inboxes daily.
  • Hotmail currently has 155 Peta byte of storage and is growing at 2 PB/month.

These are some of stats shared by Arthur De Haan, the director of Windows Live Test and System Engineering. He also discussed other behind the scenes working of hotmail including the architecture of the hardware powering these services, the engineering process, testing, code deployment and change management. Arthur also mentioned that 70% of the 155 PB storage is taken up by attachments mostly photos.

Posts like these from Windows team is certainly a good gesture of breaking ice with the consumer, being interactive and sharing more information about how things work up at Microsoft. Even though they are far behind Google, Facebook and other internet giants when it comes to open communication with users, they are at least trying to start.