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Microsoft Gets Serious About Consumer Cloud Services, Buys Skydrive.com

While most of the coverage around iCloud has been how Microsoft is slow in reacting and has lost another race, not a lot of pundits point out the fact that Microsoft has been offering most of the iCloud features for a fairly long time. Microsoft introduced SkyDrive a few years ago and over time the service has become the backbone for Microsoft’s consumer cloud services.

Till yesterday, SkyDrive was a sub domain under Live.com (skydrive.live.com) and skydrive.com was owned by an auto company. WhoIs records show that the record was last updated on the May 11, 2011 and now skydrive.com redirects to a Live user’s SkyDrive account. SkyDrive’s integration with Windows Phone 7 in the upcoming Mango update will include:

  • Uploading videos from the phone to SkyDrive
  • Documents stored on SkyDrive will be listed in the Office hub
  • Search SkyDrive
  • Sharing images stored on SkyDrive via email or text

SkyDrive and Live Mesh are two of Microsoft’s best product names in my opinion. SkyDrive’s importance in Microsoft’s consumer cloud ¬†strategy ¬†became evident when the new logo was unveiled and Microsoft integrated Office Live in to SkyDrive. It was intriguing as to why Microsoft had not purchased the domain. Looks like Apple’s iCloud made Microsoft shell out the cash!

Update: A little more searching and digging led me to a huge list shared by the Frager Factor, the list includes region specific SkyDrive domains, possible miss-typed redirects and even WindowsLiveDrive domains (.com,.net and .org). Here are some of the domains:

  • windowslivedrive.com
  • windowslivedrive.mobi
  • windowslivedrive.net
  • windowslivedrive.org
  • windowslivemedia.com
  • skydrivefolders.com
  • skydrivespace.com
  • skydrivestorage.com
  • skydrivesync.com
  • msnskydrive.com
  • skrdrive.com
  • skudrive.com
  • skydirve.com
  • skydriv.com
  • windowslivevoice.com

Box.net Bumps Free Storage to 5GB, Business to 500GB and Unlimited for Enterprise

Online File Storage and collaboration service Box.net has bumped their free storage space to 5GB from 1GB and business storage to 500GB from 15GB. This makes them one of the largest space provider right now.

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Box.net, one of the online file storage services has increased their free storage space from 1GB to 5GB which will now allow users to store a large amount of files online. They have also announced that they will be increasing their business storage from 15GB to 500GB whilst allowing enterprise users to store unlimited files in the cloud.

Box.net Storage Space


Business and enterprise users who have been using services such as SharePoint, and Sales Force get an added advantage here. However, for personal users, services like Dropbox which offer 2GB space and additional space for recommendations along with Windows Live SkyDrive which offers 25GB storage space along with Windows Live Mesh which providers users with 5GB sync space are more lucrative offers.

Box.net has built several data-centers to protect data along with also using Amazon’s S3 service promise better security for the files and documents stored with their service. I believe that this additional storage is definitely something which will cheer up users, both personal and business.

If you use Box.net, you might want to read up on how to use it as a local storage space in Windows. You can also access Windows Live SkyDrive from Windows Explorer.

(Source: CNET)

Gladinet Provides Local Access To Google Docs, Picasa Web, Windows Live Skydrive and Amazon S3

In the past we have told you how to mount a box.net account in Windows and even a fix for people who could not access the accounts on their systems. Gladinet is a freeware desktop application that will delivers web applications and online files to your desktop, it helps you access files from , Picasa Web, Amazon S3 and Windows Live Skydrive from your PC without having to use a web browser.


Gladinet mounts a network drive that will allow you to access the documents like you are browsing it on your local PC, so you open docs stored in your Docs account with a local word processing software like Microsoft Word.

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Windows Live SkyDrive Offering 25GB Free Online Storage

has definitely changed the way people store their files and in the past we have told you about several free online storage services that provide you with free online space starting from 1GB right up-to a whopping 50GB of free online storage space.

Microsoft too offers free online storage space in the form of Windows Live SkyDrive, earlier the maximum limit of storage space provided was 5GB, but they recently announced a significant increase in the free storage space boosting it to a whooping 25GB.

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