Microsoft Fixes Windows 8 Freezing Bug


In a tweet to Rafael Rivera, a Microsoft employee has acknowledged that Microsoft is well-aware of the Windows 8 freezing bug that many have encountered, informing users to “stay tuned”. We also asked around, and, according to sources familiar with the matter, the bug has already been fixed in internal builds of Windows 8. As expected.

I’ve encountered this issue in each build drop of Windows 8 — Developer Preview, Consumer Preview, and Release Preview — and it always gets in the way of me doing anything productive on the OS: The entire machine gradually locks up to a point where you cannot even fire up the task manager to do something; your only way out is to reboot the machine entirely (though I’ve found that for some reason, Skype works just fine as this happens, and I can continue to talk in a call).

At first, I assumed that sour Boot Camp drivers were to blame as I installed Windows 8 on my iMac, but I quickly found out that this issue wasn’t limited to Macs. Quite a few people (on PCs) that I knew also mentioned that they had frequently encountered the issue, and a thread was created on Neowin where a fair amount of people also claimed to be affected. Even Paul Thurrott has encountered this issue, mentioning it as one of two serious issues he has been experiencing that make the Release Preview almost unusable.

That being said, we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this bug will not find its way into the RTM build.