Viewsonic Unveils the ViewPad 7X and the ViewPad 10Pro at Computex 2011

Today, at Computex 2011, Viewsonic unveiled the ViewPad 7X, an Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. It will have the distinction of being the first 7 inch Honeycomb tablet.

It comes with a 7 inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and is powered by a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, presumably clocked at 1 GHz. It also offers HSPA+ connectivity and a set of cameras. It weighs only 380 gms, exactly the same as the Galaxy Tab.

Viewsonic  ViewPad 7X

Besides the ViewPad 7X, it also showcased the ViewPad 10Pro, which is one of the 10 Intel tablets we mentioned in an earlier post.

It has a 10.1 inch display and comes with a 1.5 GHz Intel Oak Trail processor. It comes with Windows 7 Pro and Android 2.2 with fast switching, which allows you to switch between the 2 OSes without rebooting. It has 32 GB internal storage and a 3500 mAh battery.

Viewsonic ViewPad 10 Pro

Launch dates and pricing details should be revealed soon.

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Dell Launches ‘World’s Thinnest’ Laptop, XPS 15z

Dell announced its new XPS 15z, which is less than an inch thick and is bundled with loads of features. Dell mentioned in its blog that XPS 15z is “the thinnest 15-inch PC on the planet, and the first in a series of new thin and powerful products from Dell to come this year.”

The all the new XPS 15z weighs 2.51kg, measuring less than 1-inch (0.97-inches) at the thickest point with clean aluminum design and polished brushed finishes, definitely making it look luxurious.

Dell XPS 15z
The 15z runs second-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium and features an optional 15.6-inch Full HD display, an optimized touchpad and a backlit chicklet-style spill-resistant keyboard. It offers 4GB standard memory, upgradeable to 8GB and up to 750GB of hard disk storage space. It also come with a 1.3-megapixel webcam, dual-array digital microphones and stereo speakers.

There’s a 8x DVD+/-RW, 3 USB ports (USB 3.0 (2); USB 2.0 (1)), Bluetooth 3.0 and 9-in-1 media card reader supporting SD, SDIO, SDXC, SDHC, MS, MS Pro, MMC, MSXC, xD.

Dell XPS 15z has Intel’s My Wi-Fi technology, which allows the notebook to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices.

It included Nvidia GeForce GT 525M with 1GB or 2GB of graphics memory, Nvidia 3DTV Play capabilities and Nvidia Optimus technology, which switches the notebook into power-saving mode, to extend battery life up to eight hours.

Dell’s XPS 15z is available now online at Dell’s online stores in the U.S. for $999

Free Xbox 360 With Purchase Of Windows 7 Based PC For Students [US Only]

Students in the US will now get a complimentary 4GB Xbox 360 game console with the purchase of a Windows 7 based PC that costs at least $699. The deal starts from May 22 and the offer is open to students who order online from retailers (Microsoft, Dell, HP or Best Buy) using a .edu email address or displaying a valid student ID at the brands’ retail stores.

Free Xbox 360 With Windows 7 PC
A hot new Windows 7-based PC with a free Xbox 360 is the ultimate productivity, social and entertainment package for students,said Kathleen Hall, general manager of Windows Marketing at Microsoft, in a press release. In one shot, with this great offer, Microsoft is giving students everything they need for a successful new school year.he added.

For more information on retailers list and other details go to (The link redirects to Windows’ Facebook Page). The offer lasts until September 3 in the US, and is to be implemented in France and Canada as well.

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Acer Launches the Iconia Tab A500 and W500 Tablets in India

Yesterday, Acer launched the Acer Iconia Tab A500 and the Iconia Tab W500 in India. The Acer Iconia Tab A500 is an Android tablet which runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb. It is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset and comes with 16 GB internal storage. It has a dual core 1 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM, and sports a 10.1 inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It also has a 5 MP camera as well as a secondary 2 MP camera.

It is the first Honeycomb tablet which has been officially launched in India. It has excellent hardware specs, and is priced slightly lower than the iPad 2, at Rs 27,990 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi version. A 3G/LTE version is expected soon.

Acer Iconia Tab A500

It also launched the Acer Iconia Tab W500 yesterday. It is a Windows 7 tablet with a 10.1 inch capacitive touchscreen display and a display resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It is powered by a AMD C-50 dual core processor clocked at 1 GHz and comes with 2 GB DDR3 RAM. It also offers 32 GB internal storage, and doubles up as a laptop, when used with the keyboard dock. It has been priced at Rs 32,499.

Acer Iconia Tab W500

Along with the Acer Iconia Tab A500 and W500, Acer also launched the Iconia Smart A300 Android smartphone, Iconia Tab A100 7 inch Android tablet and the dual screen Iconia notebook. The pricing details of these three haven’t been announced yet.

Internet Explorer 9 Being Rolled Out Through Windows 7 Update

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 to the world last month to much fanfare and millions of downloads. However, the rollout was only done through direct downloads for users.

Internet Explorer 9

However, not each and every user has upgraded to the latest browser from Microsoft and they do have a way to get it out; through Automatic Updates. Microsoft has confirmed that they are now rolling out Internet Explorer 9 to all users through the automatic update channel.

IE9 Windows 7 Update

The update will be rolled out as an important update to all users. It is not clear yet whether users have to upgrade to it compulsorily or not. I am unable to confirm this since I have already upgraded to IE9 but will do so shortly on another PC. The update will be a part of the regular updates rolled out by Microsoft.

If you haven’t used Internet Explorer 9 yet, you should definitely upgrade to it and check out our of tips and trick for IE9.

Windows 7 Now Most Used OS in United States

I have used almost each and every variant of Microsoft Windows including MS DOS, Windows 95 and Windows 98. However, two of the standout operating systems from Microsoft have been Windows XP and . was an ok OS too, but it did have a lot of problems.

Windows 7 Logo

Windows XP was launched in August 2001, however, it still commands a huge market share in the PC market. Windows 7 though has been the fastest selling OS in history with it selling over 150 million copies in a very short time.

Ironically, Windows 7 did not compete with Windows Vista for market share, but did it with a 10 year old OS in the form of Windows XP. The reason being that many corporates are not yet ready to switch from Windows XP. I still find that many offices continue to use Windows XP as their primary operating system.

Windows 7 Top Operating System

Microsoft though will be happy with the news that Windows 7 has finally managed to take over Windows XP as the top Windows operating system in United States. This data was generated through reports from StatCounter by Royal Pingdom for visitors to over 3 million websites.

Windows 7 now has a marginal advantage over Windows XP in U.S. This is bound to grow in future with more users buying new laptops and desktop PCs and dumping their older ones. Also, most of the newer Windows based tablets run some variants of Windows 7, so that might add to this number in future.

Overall, Windows XP has definitely been one of the best operating system from Microsoft. The fact that it still holds more than 31% of the market share after 10 years says a lot about it.

Microsoft has been mulling to remove support for Windows XP for a long time now, but they still continue to support it. However, Microsoft has been culling off major software support for the OS by not adding XP support for Windows Live Wave 4  and Internet Explorer 9. However, Windows XP still continues to dominate the operating system wars. Unlike IE6, this baby is a long way from becoming extinct.

If you are using Windows 7 or just bought a new PC with it installed, make sure to read out Ultimate List of Tips and Tricks for Windows 7 or the 3 Most Useful Windows 7 Tips.

Find Windows 7 Product Key or CD Key

Recently, one of our readers sent in this question to us that they have lost their CD and cannot find their product key, however they wanted to reinstall their system and could not do it without a product key.

Find Windows 7 Product Key

First of all, Microsoft stores your Product Key or CD Key on your PC itself and it is not easy for a normal user to sift through the files and find it. However, there are software which do this job very well.

Just like our Office 2010 product key finder there is a tool which will allow you can also extract the product key of Windows 7 from your system. To do that, you have to install the Keyfinder tool from Jelly Bean (download link below).

Once you have download the Jelly Bean Keyfinder tool run it and it will display the CD Key to you along with the Product ID of your PC. You can then copy this information and use it to install Windows 7 on another OS.

Please make sure to store the Product/CD Key securely once you have extracted it from your OS. It will always come in handy later. If you have any questions like these, feel free to contact us and ask us about it.

Download Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Microsoft Shares Windows 7 In Enterprise Success Stories

Steve Ballmer stated that Windows 8 will be risky for them, one of the reasons as seen by many is the enterprise upgrade cycle. The enterprise skipped Windows Vista based on several factors and most of them seem to be moving Windows 7 since the performance reviews and security features available in the OS are compelling reasons to upgrade. The enterprise market isn’t like the consumer market where users keep upgrading frequently. Rolling out something new in the enterprise is a phased process and as such re-doing the whole thing has to justify cost and time involved. The rate at which the enterprise is moving to Windows 7 (after skipping Vista) it indeed will be a challenge for Microsoft to convince CIOs and SMBs to invest in Windows 8, unless Microsoft does not introduce hardware upgrades as a necessity.

Microsoft recently has been sharing details about the success of deploying Windows 7 in SMBs and enterprises. The people involved talk about security features like BitLocker, ease of deployment in organizations and performance as reasons why they like Windows 7. Here are some videos:

City of Miami upgrading their infrastructure and being able to start a campaign to help the economically challenged citizens due to the cost in moving to Windows 7:

The video talks about the specific Windows 7 features leveraged by the city officials. The second video is about a private airline company that has deployed Windows 7:

In a post on the official Windows Team Blog, Microsoft has posted the story of a brewery deploying Windows 7, an excerpt from the post:

Tsingtao was able to minimize time IT administers spent on installation, which greatly decreased deployment costs. Tsingtao reported the rate of deployment for Windows 7 was 75% faster than with previous OS versions. Just 20% through its full company deployment, Tsingtao also found direct benefits to its mobile workforce and has reported greater efficiency due to the use of the new OS, which took minimal training.

There are two more videos from the SMB segment, one about an Accountant (focusing on data security):

Real Estate owner, talking about networking capabilities in Windows 7 Professional:

The sudden focus on Windows 7 Professional seems kinda interesting.

Fix MBR or Operating System Not Found in Windows 7

Back when I first started playing with different Linux distributions, like Ubuntu, I’d accidentally wipe out the boot loader. I had been through this scenario in Windows XP countless times and I knew how to restore the Windows master boot record.

win7-logoThis time, it happened to me in Windows 7. I was playing around with a Linux boot loader utility and I accidentally trashed the MBR (master boot record). I ended up with a really weird message when I went to restart the machine. It wasn’t Operating System Not Foundbut I knew what had happened.

Fortunately, I had created a Windows 7 Repair disk. If you haven’t done this yourself, take a few minutes and do it now.

Create a Windows 7 Repair Disk

  1. Insert a blank CD
  2. Click on the Start button and type repairinto the search box.
  3. Click on Create a System Repair Discand follow the instructions.


Repairing a missing or corrupted boot record

Let’s assume that you have either a Windows 7 Installation DVD or a repair disk. Here’s the scoop on how to fix a missing boot record, or some other weird boot error.

Download Windows 7 SP1

Microsoft had released the SP1 to MSDN users last week and it has been made available to regular customer starting from February 21, 2011.

Most of the Windows 7 Service pack updates have already been released as patches earlier on and the SP1 would help you apply all those updates if you haven’t done so already in the past. Service Packs are also used by administrators to deploy patches across a large number of PCs at once.

If you are looking to download the service pack 1 for Windows 7, you will receive it through the Windows Update. However, you can also download and apply the Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 SP1 directly to your PC by visiting this Microsoft Download Link.

The download size of the files are pretty large, so you might just want to wait for Windows Update to ship the service packs to you.