Wikify Automatically Adds Wikipedia Hyperlinks Into Text

Ever wanted to inject Wikipedia links into some lines of text? Found it tedious? Here comes Wikify that’ll let you inject Wikipedia links into text automagically.


Wikify is a web-service allowing everybody to enrich their arbitrary text with links to In other words, it makes hypertext from your plain text. You’ll need to put some text in the box provided and then hit the Start Wikify’ button. The tool will then go through your text and look for words that have corresponding Wikipedia pages. You can then copy the html code that has hyperlinks injected into it and then use them as you wish.

However, Wikify is not perfect. It will not come to know what you mean when a word has different meaning and variations. For instance, it will link to Internetand Explorerseparately when you wanted a link to Internet Explorer the browser.

But still, it should come in handy for those weird projects, where you might want to give Wikipedia some serious link love.

Wikipedia As A Printed Book

Wikipedia provides users with a wealth of information and is regularly updated to add more and more information everyday, however can you fathom reading wikipedia as a printed book?

Well looking at the sheer size of the book, we would rather use the internet to do all the reading, take a look at the size of a printed book from Wikipedia.


The book has around 5000 pages and also packs in 400+ featured articles from Wikipedia. Would you be interested in reading the printed Wikipedia book? Thanks to Amit for the wikipedia image and information.

Find Out What’s Popular On Wikipedia With Wikirank

Wikipedia is the internet’s biggest encyclopedia and you can find articles for almost anything in it, this people driven encyclopedia has millions of articles, many of which we have quoted here in the past.


However unlike other popular websites, wikipedia does not have any trending stats, telling users which articles are popular and getting more views, this though has changed with the introduction of Wikirank a service which provides trending data for Wikipedia.

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Enhance Google Search Results With Greasemonkey Scripts

Google Search is the best search engine available today, however several services like , Wikipedia and contain useful information too, and the ability to everything together would definitely be great.


Shankar from Killer Tech Tips has put up a nice collection of Scripts you can use to enhance the Google Search results, including the ability to include relevant results from Wikipedia, Flickr and in the sidebar, ability to restrict results to data written within a particular time frame, integrate twitter search results in Google search results among other things.

Enhance Google Search Pages With Greasemonkey Scripts [Killer Tech Tips]

wikidPad: Wikipedia Like Note Taking Applications

There are 100s of note taking applications available to users and we had previously covered 11 useful and free sticky notes softwares, however most of the note taking softwares only provide you with a simple interface and does not allow you to cross-reference notes.

wikidPad is a innovative note taking freeware software that provides users with a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, TODO lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down.

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